At OSS World Wide Movers, we trust external review websites to give an independent assessment of how good we actually are at what we do …. International Moving.

We provide a high quality relocation service, with over 50 years of specialist international moving, so we have expert knowledge of the moving process, quarantine and customs requirements for the countries we deal with.

As such, we offer our clients the best chance of a smooth transfer of their personal effects when they move overseas.

That said, sometimes things can go wrong, we are human after all, and often the things that do go wrong are out of our control, especially in the current pandemic climate.

When something goes wrong, we review the circumstances of that particular situation, and assess if we could have done anything differently to have prevented the situation. If something is identified, we implement new process and procedures to mitigate the risk of that situation re occurring.

To all customers that have given us glowing feedback, we thankyou for doing so, as this gives our team a boost in an often stressful occupation. We especially thank the clients that have given us a favorable review when some things did go wrong. Your understanding of the rigors of moving your entire household of furniture and possessions across the oceans of the world is appreciated.

To those clients that choose NOT to insure their goods, or choose NOT to read their contract properly, or choose NOT to provide us with the required documentation until the very last minute, or DONT declare that they have restricted goods in their shipment, and THEN write negative reviews when things are not 100% … Well, I’m sure you know what we would like to say !!! (please note that the boss asked me to re write what I had originally put here).

To those clients that actually have a legitimate complaint, and provide negative feedback … thank you ! Seriously … because we can only improve if we know things are not going as expected for you.

From all the team here at OSS World Wide Movers, Take Care, and we hope to be of service to you very soon.