Where can I store my car when I move overseas?

OSS offers short and long-term car storage in a safe and secure warehouse. Your car will be handled with complete care stored within moisture-packed crates and monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras.

At OSS Worldwide Movers we will take out the stress of moving overseas and having to worry about how you will store your car while you are away. We ensure your car is kept secure and remains in its original condition when you come to pick it up at the end of your stay.

CCTV Camera Monitoring 24/7 in our car storage facilities

OSS World Wide Movers understand how important it is to monitor your car’s security. The location of your car has CCTV cameras observing all activity that may occur within the vicinity of your car. All car storage containers are located inside our warehouses and are securely locked and regularly inspected to prevent any harm from being done to your car.

Moisture-free car storage containers

If your car is stored for long periods while you travel, moisture and condensation can settle which creates an environment for mould to grow and even rust to parts of your car if the vehicle is not stored correctly. OSS World Wide Movers use moisture packs inside containers to prevent moisture and condensation from settling so your car is kept dry. At OSS we regularly inspect your car for moisture and condensation to prevent any damage.

Mechanics keep your car turned over while in storage

Keeping your car turned over prevents engine oil from becoming contaminated as well as ensuring any moisture within the exhaust is evaporated. It is recommended that your car is taken on short drives periodically to ward off the effect of corrosion on parts and to prevent the seals from drying out. OSS World Wide Movers offers a service whereby mechanics will turn over your car while you are away on long-term stays.

Your vehicle will remain unmoved in its own self-contained unit

OSS Worldwide Movers appreciates that you will want to ensure your car is handled as little as possible while you are away. Your car remains unmoved within its own self-contained unit, so there is no need for it to be moved to make way for other cars.

Car Storage in Sydney

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