Moving Fine Art and Antiques Overseas

How do I move antiques and artwork overseas?

Moving fine art and antiques overseas is a delicate process. At OSS World Wide Movers we specialise in international moving of fragile personal items including fine art and antique furniture. Feel free to contact one of our move consultants to ask about your unique situation so that we can tailor a trouble free move for your valued items.

What if my artwork or antique is made from timber, bamboo or other related products?
The Department of Agriculture and Water Materials have a Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON) that outlines what is required to comply with the import and export of all imported timber, wooden articles, bamboo and related products (whether for commercial or personal use). It is the responsibility of importer​s to ensure that their products meet the import conditions. OSS World Wide Movers can assist you with ensuring your artwork and antiques meet the import conditions to avoid delays, additional costs, and, in some cases, the re-export or destruction of your goods.

How is my artwork or antique protected from damage?
Our crates and containers are lined with the required protective materials to ensure your artwork or antiques are carefully packed and protected from damage. We utilise polyethylene and polyurethane foams depending on the nature of the items being packed according to density, shock absorption vibration etc.

Can I pack my own artwork or antiques when moving overseas?
Incorrect packing, or the use of the wrong cushioning agents could potentially do more harm than good to your precious antiques. At OSS World Wide Movers, we determine the specific packing and cushioning requirements with relation to spacing, cushioning materials etc to protect your items. It is strongly recommended that you contact one of our experienced OSS packing experts before you begin packing and planning your move.

A word of warning regarding content of artwork (especially images, paintings and sculptures)
Photographs, Movies, Magazines and even artwork or paintings that are legally available and acceptable in one country, may be regarded as pornographic and prohibited in another.

Can I take my guns with me when I move overseas (real and ornamental) ?
Moving firearms or weapons of any kind can be problematic, even if the items in question have been decommissioned and are approved in your country of origin.What you regard as a decorative antique might be considered an offensive weapon in another country. Should you have any concerns about items you are planing to move, it is best to consult an OSS Relocation Coordinator prior to shipping to prevent a potential weapon of any kind (eg firearm/dagger knife etc) from stopping an otherwise problem free move or relocation.