How to pack for moving house

It’s time to pack up and get moving overseas, it’s time to call OSS World Wide Movers

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If you’re excited about your upcoming move overseas but feel overwhelmed all at the same time when you consider the work of organising the move, wrapping furniture, packing your fragile items and fitting everything you own into a series of cardboard boxes and crates, we have some good news. OSS has over 50 years of expertise and experience to assist you with the Herculean task of international moving.

At OSS, we understand the feeling of surveying your living room or bedroom and wondering how you’ll manage the move overseas. How will you make sure all your items make it from your current home to a new residence across the globe without being damaged on a container ship or in a moving van? Fortunately, the OSS team has packed and moved household goods internationally just like yours hundreds, if not thousands, of times. So, besides convenience, there are many reasons to hire a professional mover like OSS to assist with your international moving adventures.

Moving Internationally – New to you, a specialised skill for us

At OSS, we move scores of individuals and families overseas each year, packing and transporting household goods internationally. So while you might be moving overseas for the first time and feeling bewildered about the right packing materials to use for moving — or you’re an experienced international moving executive who knows exactly what you’re up against — OSS personnel are well trained, experienced and knowledgeable, with over 50 years of experience in the international moving industry. We have in-depth knowledge about the right packing materials to use for different types of items, keeping your precious items safe from the elements and rigours of international moving. OSS World Wide Movers also offers comprehensive moving insurance coverage for shipping personal effects overseas, with one of the lowest claim rates in the industry, due to our ‘take care’ approach when moving your precious goods.

Save time — and money when moving internationally

Expertise is always of value, specifically when moving household items overseas. We know the wisest ways to pack your possessions, always with a view on how the boxes will be measured, shipped — and on which basis prices will be based. An OSS relocation consultant will walk through your residence with you in person or virtually, in advance of your move to ensure a complete inventory is prepared before our specialist packing team will arrive on moving day to pack your belongings. We will also be thinking about any specialty boxes or specific kinds of wrapping materials you may need — always with an eye on keeping your total volume as low as possible to save you money.

Anticipating hold-ups

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We know the likely pain points along the journey of moving your personal effects overseas. Whether it’s at shipping ports, clearing customs, navigating storage facility transfers or being allocated to the correct international sea freight moving container, we can make sure your household goods are moved as efficiently as possible with the minimum of risk.

A big part of navigating these predictable challenges starts with an efficient, calm packing process with clear moving abroad checklists. Our teams of trained international movers are experts in carefully detailing, carton-by-carton, the contents of each box. This assists Customs and Quarantine officers who may be inspecting your personal effects so that they can be cleared more efficiently to get you one step closer to reaching your final destination. 

It might be tempting to attempt the move yourself or to enlist friends in this process. However, a professional overseas mover such as OSS can help save you time during a stressful transition, protecting your belongings and ensuring safe transportation of all your assets (including moving delicate art and antiques overseas). It all adds up to time saved and extra peace of mind as you wrap up your life in one location and prepare to move around the world to another destination overseas.

From moving personal effects overseas and specialist international packing, we offer a variety of options for moving by sea freight, always with cost-effective insurance products to add an extra layer of certainty to the entire international relocation process.

The team at OSS World Wide Movers are here to help make your move overseas as smooth as possible. Enquire today to get moving.