There are many factors to consider when shipping furniture overseas. Will all of your belongings fit into your new home? Does your current furniture match your new décor? Will it cost more to ship your items than to buy new ones?

You’ll also have to consider the sentimental value of your furniture. Shipping a chest of drawers overseas may be cumbersome, but worth it if the piece has been in your family for generations.

Consider the pros and cons of shipping your furniture by sea freight:

When you might not send your furniture abroad

If you’re unsure if you should ship your furniture to your new home, ask yourself these questions:

Is it more affordable to buy new furniture?

Some pieces of furniture may not be worth sending abroad. For example, flat-pack, build-it-yourself furniture may not travel well. You may even be able to find the same pieces in your new home country at a much more affordable cost. In this case, it may be worth selling or donating these pieces before your leave.

Will your wooden furniture hold up in a new climate?

Wooden furniture can be susceptible to temperature and humidity levels. Indoors, wood tends to do best in temperatures around 20 C at humidity levels around 50% to 55%.

Dry, hot conditions can cause wood to weaken and crack. Likewise, prolonged periods of high humidity can cause wood to swell and crack at the joints. Some treatments can reduce these risks, but consistent temperature and humidity levels are the best way to protect your furniture.

Will your furniture fit in your new home?

If you’re moving into a smaller home, your furniture may not fit into your new rooms. Measure each piece against your new floor plans to determine which items are too big.

Shipping your furniture via sea freight is reliable and affordable.Shipping your furniture via sea freight is reliable and affordable.

When you should ship your furniture overseas

You will likely want to take your furniture with you in these circumstances:

Your furniture has sentimental value

You can’t put a price on family heirlooms. When your furniture is too precious to leave behind, it’s important to find a moving partner who will treat your pieces with care and respect. If there’s a chance you’ll be moving back, you should also consider long-term storage options.

It would cost more to buy new pieces

If you’ve already made a significant investment in your furniture, it may not make sense to sell your pieces for a fraction of their original price. Likewise, you may not be able to find comparable pieces in your destination. Using sea freight, the cost of shipping your items overseas may be more affordable than you think.

You want to be surrounded by familiar objects

Moving to a new country is one of the biggest changes you can make in life. You may be surrounded by unfamiliar languages as well as sights and sounds. Shopping for new furniture may be difficult if you’re not fluent in the local dialect. Familiar furniture can provide comfort when you’re feeling homesick.

You don’t want to spend weeks shopping for new furniture

If you’re moving overseas for a job opportunity, you may not have the time to shop for furniture to fill your new home. Likewise, you may be more interested in exploring your new home town. The time you save by shipping your furniture may be worth it if it helps you ease into your new environment more quickly.

When moving family heirlooms and curated furniture collections overseas, give yourself peace of mind by choosing a trustworthy moving partner. Learn more about shipping your belongings overseas by sea freight.