Moving to London

Decided to move overseas to London? Moving to London is an exciting adventure, with the capital city enticing international relocation by being a cultural and financial hub, as well as its close proximity to popular travel destinations.  Ask OSS World Wide Movers how to get your move to London started today.

Moving to London OSS World Wide Movers

Are you thinking of moving to London? If so, then you’re in for a treat! London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and there are always plenty of things to do including sightseeing historical areas, visiting new bars and restaurants, and enjoying sporting events and concerts. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to do before you move, and give you some tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible. So read on and learn all about moving your household goods to London!

Moving to London OSS World Wide Movers

London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. With an extensive history dating back to the Roman times, London is also a city of the 21st century and is considered a financial and cultural hub withholding economic and cultural authority. The metropolitan area of London extends east to west from Heathrow to Tilbury and north to south contained by the M25 ring road. The city of London has a population of 8.8 million split by the famous River Thames. Since London is a primate city, capital of the United Kingdom and financial centre, a growth in population has resulted in urban sprawl, with the area of London now thought to encompass an area of 200km by 200km with a population of 12 million. 

OSS World Wide Movers has been moving households overseas for more than 50 years, with the longer international move from Sydney to London becoming increasingly attractive as the city’s natural and cultural traits become progressively more popular.

With extensive moving reviews and excellent customer feedback, we are one of Australia’s most trusted international moving and relocation companies so your family and household can rest assured that your move from Sydney to London will be hassle-free and with minimum stress.

Top 9 things to take into consideration when moving to London:

1. Can I pack my own goods when moving to London?Moving to London OSS World Wide Movers 4

2. Can I move to London with pets?

3. How do I move my car to London?

4. How long will my move to London take?

5. What insurance should I have when moving to London?

6. Electrical Goods and Compliance when moving to London

7. Restricted and prohibited items when moving to London

8. Tax implications when moving to London

9. Information and Immigration when moving to London

Here at OSS World Wide Movers, we are experts in moving personal effects overseas, including specialist international packing and a range of cost-effective insurance products to give you peace of mind during the entire relocation process.

Moving to London can be a big change, but it’s also an exciting one. With a help planning and preparation from our staff at OSS, you can make the transition smoothly and start enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Click here to enquire today and begin your move to London!