Australian Etiquette

Australian etiquette is an important part of the culture. Knowing and abiding by the accepted norms of behaviour isn’t just good manners – it is essential for having a positive experience in Australia!

When meeting someone for the first time, Australians tend to be quite informal and friendly. They might address someone by their first name even if they have just met. But if you prefer to be more formal it’s perfectly acceptable to introduce yourself with your last name. A handshake or a hug can also be exchanged depending on the situation, but it’s best to let the other person take the lead.

In social situations, Australians are generally laid-back and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to join in on conversations or crack a few jokes. Small talk is usually kept brief and light-hearted, although topics such as sport and work are very common conversation. It can also be polite to bring up current events in Australia as people tend to appreciate when others show an interest in their country.

Another key part of Australian etiquette is personal space. It’s generally considered rude to stand too close when talking or walk into someone else’s space without being invited. During meals, it’s polite to offer your seat at the table before sitting down – unless instructed otherwise by a host. Asking for permission before taking photos of someone else is also always recommended. Especially if that person hasn’t given their consent yet!

Overall, Australians are known for being friendly and laid-back so don’t be afraid to embrace this culture while you’re here. Just remember that respect comes above all else! Treat everyone with courtesy and politeness while respecting their space you’ll fit right in no matter where you are in Australia!

How common etiquette in Australia differs from overseas

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