Australian Migration

Australian migration is becoming increasingly popular for people from all over the world. With an abundance of opportunities and a rich culture, many people decide to relocate permanently to Australia for work, study, or simply for a change in scenery. However, making a successful international move requires careful planning and research—which is where OSS World Wide Movers can help.

OSS has 50+ years of experience in the industry and offers tailored solutions to ensure a hassle-free transition. Our team of professionals will handle every aspect of your move including packing, crating, customs clearances and more. We partner with several shipping and logistics companies to make sure that there are no delays during your move.

When planning an international relocation to Australia, be aware that certain restrictions may apply depending on your current residence status. Permanent migration is allowed if you meet the eligibility criteria. This includes a minimum age requirement (at least 18 years old), financial ability to support yourself upon arrival, etc. To find out more about these regulations check out our blog section where you’ll information regarding any changes in policies related to overseas relocation.

You’ll also need visa sponsorship if you plan on working in Australia. Don’t forget additional costs associated with moving.  Packing supplies, insurance coverage and transporting any special items such as fine art or antiques are just some of them. Make sure you inquire about extra fees with your mover before signing off on any contracts.

With OSS World Wide Movers at your side, you can rest assured that your international move will be handled professionally and efficiently without worry about deadlines or unexpected costs! Sign up for our email notifications to get updated regarding new regulations or call us today for more information about Australian migration!

Australia could double annual migration by 2054 and boost economy

Committee for Economic Development of Australia report says the increase would bring enormous economic benefits for the average person. With better long-term planning around population growth, infrastructure, urban congestion and the environment, Australians would benefit greatly from annual permanent migration doubling by 2054. Australia could double its annual permanent migration over the next 40 [...]