OSS Import Instruction - Standard Form

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  • It is important all sections of this form are completed in full and signed at the bottom to help us prepare for the best outcome on delivery day.
  • What is a Standard Unpack? - Standard delivery/unpack service, if included in your removal contract, is where OSS will unpack the contents of your removalists packed cartons on to flat surfaces, such as tables, kitchen benches, desks etc. We are not able to unpack to floors due to workplace health and safety issues. We are also unable to unpack into cupboards/wardrobes etc, however if you require this level of service where you would like the contents of your boxes/packages placed into your cupboards/wardrobes etc then please enquire about valet unpacking services for an additional cost. Furniture will be unwrapped and placed in accordance with your instructions only once and includes basic assembly work (this excludes flat pack and Ikea style furniture). The used removalist cartons and wrapping that has been unpacked/unwrapped, will be removed on day of delivery. All remaining debris from your removal not removed on delivery date can be collected with a minimum collection booking fee of $95 and this will only take place when we are in your area. (Please note: If valet unpack service is required, please select from the optional Services listed below).