Import Instruction Form

OSS Import Instruction - Standard Form

  • It is important all sections of this form are completed in full and signed at the bottom to help us prepare for the best outcome on delivery day.
  • Standard delivery service if included in your removal contract is made to one address only with reasonable access (excludes delivery to high rise and/or apartment complexes) and delivery conditions not above 1st floor. Contents of cartons are unpacked to flat surfaces only like tables, benches etc (not to the floor) and effects are not placed in cupboards. Furniture will be unwrapped and placed in accordance with your instructions once only and include basic assembly work. Used packing materials will be removed on day of delivery any additional used packing materials collection will incur a minimum fee of $55 and will be conducted when in the area.
    (Please note: If valet unpack service is required, please select from the optional Services listed below).
  • Please note: Delivery may be performed in a truck up to 8m long x 4m high x 2.4m wide. You may consider reserving parking for such a vehicle to avoid potential extra charges for long carry / difficult access.
  • Please note that if the elevator / lift is only available for a restricted time, please select the OTHER option and add the times available.
  • Please let us know the number of external stairs
  • Please let us know the number of internal stairs
  • Is there any further information that can be provided in order to provide a smooth removal eg. Clearway or other parking restrictions, non availability of exclusive elevator for high rise, building manager site restrictions or impediments for large removal vehicles any large or oversized items that may require special handling?NB: If any false or misleading information is provided and additional fees are incurred as a result, these will be billed to your account
  • Locked items may need to be opened for inspection by customs and quarantine. To avoid additional charges and delay in clearance of your shipment you must provide keys and / or combinations prior to the initial inspection. (When posting keys please affix firmly to a piece of cardboard.)
    Description of ItemCombination / Key 
    Add a new row
  • Alternatively you may authorise OSS World Wide Movers to break any locks required. If you provide permission for this to take place please indicate if you authorise OSS World Wide Movers to break any locks for quarantine or customs inspection if required.
  • Australian Quarantine may require some items to be pressure cleaned due to soil or other biological contamination. As such we require your authorisation to clean these items, and also your acknowledgement that OSS or AQIS may not be held legally responsible for any damages incurred during or after the pressure cleaning.
  • The Data Authority allows OSS World Wide Movers to retain your data for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes, or for statistical purposes. You do have the right to request erasure if this data by submitting a request in writing to us.
  • By signing and submitting this form, you acknowledge that the information provided on this form is true and correct, and you agree to be bound by the information you have provided on this form.

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