Finding a new school for my children

Parents are provided with an insight into the education system in the new location and assist in the process of selecting the school best suited to the needs of their children.

School Search
OSS World Wide Movers will assist you with sourcing all the relevant information on the education system and the types of schools available here in Australia. Assistance is also provided with the selection of school, the application and enrolment.

Neighbourhood profile
Once you and your family have found your home and suburb, OSS World Wide Movers can provide you with a comprehensive guide to the particular suburb and surroundings, highlighting all the amenities and information needed as you settle.

Arrival Meeting + Orientation
You may require a desktop orientation: an in-depth explanation of residential areas as well as the detail needed to make the first few decisions as easy as possible. This will provide expert information on areas, the housing market and lifestyle choices, allowing you and your family to find an area you feel comfortable in, making the proceeding Home Search as worthwhile as possible. It also provides an opportunity to discuss settling concerns and issues.