The below estimated transit times are based on port-to-port transit periods. They are neither the minimum or maximum periods but our best estimates and can be affected by various factors including some listed below

Destination FCL (Sole Use Container) Groupage (Shared Use Container) Air
Auckland 4-6 Weeks 6-10 Weeks 7-14 Days
Wellington 4-6 Weeks 8-16 Weeks 7-14 Days
Christchurch 4-6 Weeks 8-16 Weeks 7-14 Days
UK 8-12 Weeks 10-14 Weeks 7-14 Days
USA (West Coast) 6-10 Weeks 10-22 Weeks 7-14 Days
USE (East Coast) 8-12 Weeks 10-22 Weeks 7-14 Days
Canada 6-12 Weeks 10-22 Weeks 7-14 Days
Singapore 4-6 Weeks 8-14 Weeks 7-14 Days
Hong Kong 5-7 Weeks 8-14 Weeks 7-14 Days
United Arab Emirates 6-10 Weeks 14-20 Weeks 7-14 Days
Europe (Western) 8-12 Weeks 10-18 Weeks 7-14 Days
Europe (Southern) 8-12 Weeks 10-18 Weeks 7-14 Days
Europe (Eastern) 8-12 Weeks 10-20 Weeks 7-14 Days
Scandinavia 8-12 Weeks 10-20 Weeks 7-14 Days
Ireland 10-14 Weeks 10-16 Weeks 7-14 Days
India 6-8 Weeks 6-20 Weeks 7-14 Days


Time Frames


Air shipments can be prepared and booked with airlines relatively quickly. During peak periods delays can occur as aircraft space is limited and passengers are prioritised over cargo. Timeframes are indicative only.

FCL (Sole Use Container)

With a Sole Use container service, we can confirm sailing dates and arrival dates as soon as a booking is accepted by the shipping line. Vessels to most destinations depart on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Before shipment the container must be loaded, weighed, and sealed before the container can be taken to the wharf. The wharf usually receives containers 3 days before the vessel’s departure date. Please be aware that shipping schedules can and do change. They can be affected by weather, industrial action, demand, and other factors. This can mean bookings are amended, delayed, or even cancelled. Where this happens, the booking will be shifted to the next available vessel. For this reason, the timeframe given above is indicative only.

Groupage Timeframes
The transit times for our shared container services vary based on the popularity of the destination at the time of shipment and the volume of effects already collected pending shipment. Your goods will be held in our secure bonded warehouse until we have enough consignments to fill the shared container.

Please note the transit times quoted are neither minimum nor maximum periods, but our best estimate, so whilst our shared container service (groupage) is the most cost-effective option for you, if you have specific transit time requirements e.g. you require a specific delivery date, then please let us know as an alternative shipping method may be better (although possibly more expensive) to fit in with your desired arrival date at destination..