This International Moving Guide is full of useful moving tips and hints that will make your move overseas as stress free as possible.

Moving home can be a difficult and stressful time for the family, a new home, new schools, a different culture, all of these things take some getting used to.

On top of saying goodbye to friends and family which can be quite emotional, the last thing you want to happen is undue delays, have your goods go missing, or end up damaged.

If you are not sure what you are legally allowed to take with you to your new country, then the following guide has a selection of general tips and hints about preparing for your move.

Moving Overseas With Pets

It is usually not a problem to move overseas with a pet overseas, and generally moving Cats or moving Dogs is a straight forward process, but please discuss this as soon as possible with your OSS relocation consultant to ensure a trouble free pet transfer.

Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles

Depending on the age and value of your vehicle and your intended destination, it may be advisable to sell your car prior to moving.

Weapons including Guns, Knives and other Prohibited Items

What you regard as a decorative antique might be considered an offensive or restricted weapon in another country. It is best to consult an OSS Relocation Consultant prior to shipping a potential weapon of any kind.

Moving Overseas with Alcohol, including Wine Collections

Taxes and import duty applies to alcohol, and some countries prohibit alcohol altogether, so please check with an OSS Relocation Coordinator if the alcohol you are intending to ship will be accepted at your destination, and if so what local import charges may be applied.

Moving Overseas with Photography, Artwork and Antiques

Moving Artwork and Antiques overseas is a specialised skill to ensure the risk to your items is minimised. It is also important to consider that photography, and even some paintings that are perfectly acceptable in one country, may be regarded as pornographic and prohibited in another.

Electrical Goods Compliance

Most Australian appliances are manufactured to operate on 220-240 Volt AC supply which differs in many other countries. Also some televisions, DVD players and CD players have compatibility issues in some countries.

New Goods and Appliances

You may be able to export brand new goods from Australia free of domestic taxes such as GST. These should be delivered directly to OSS by the retailer as an export item. Always check that your retailer will participate in a personal export scheme. Check also with your consultant as to what duty tax may be payable on new items on arrival at your destination. In all cases liaise closely with your OSS representative before making arrangements with retailers.


When planning a move, don’t leave it until the last minute to call your mover, as this is where the majority of problems originate. Although there are times when things are necessarily done in a rush, you are obviously going to enjoy an easier, stress free move by providing your OSS consultant with as much notice as possible. Route planning, booking space on vessels and/or aircraft, sorting and distribution of documentation etc all takes time and can be streamlined much better with as much notification as possible. Help us to help you. Consider and make allowances for such things as the effects of extreme weather, or other seasonal factors such as Christmas/Easter particularly if you are planning a last minute uplift followed by an immediate flight departure.

Check Everything

Upon delivery we advise that you verify that your goods have arrived in good order and condition. In the unfortunate and unlikely event that there is any damage found, report it immediately to have the matter investigated and corrected as soon as possible. Confirm this report in writing and seek/obtain a written acknowledgement and response. Take photographs of any damaged items or unusual events.