How should I pack my belongings when moving from Australia?

OSS World Wide Movers will professionally pack all of your belongings using the latest packing materials designed specifically for protecting your goods during the move process. This makes packing for international moving a breeze.

When choosing an international mover few things are more important to consider than the skills and work ethic of a company’s packing team.

OSS World Wide Movers is unique in Australia as a solely international mover. This means our experienced packing teams have undergone extensive packing training to international standards which ensures the best possible treatment of your personal effects during shipment.

On the move day, our team leader will discuss your relocation with you prior to commencing packing. This is done to ensure they understand your unique requirements.

We are very proud of our people and you will find that as well as being expert international packers our packing teams are always friendly and a pleasure to have in your home.

At OSS we understand the need for saving space within shipping and air freight containers, as this saves you money on the overall move. To do this OSS have a variety of packing materials and methods of packing to ensure maximum protection of your goods, whilst also preventing wasted space due to incorrect packing methods.

International Moving Packing Materials