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Since 1969,OSS have provided complete global door to door moving services. That’s 50 years of specialist international moving, and over 200,000 moves.

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Pets are an important part of the family. Whether they’re on four legs or two, we know it’s essential to relocate your entire family to your new destination.

No matter where you’re moving to, OSS can assist with moving your pets if in conjunction with a Household move, by partnering with Australia’s leading experts in pet transport, who have been moving tens of thousands of pets a year for over 30 years. Their staff will work round-the-clock to help you bring little Archie or Clio with you to your new home abroad.

Transport considerations will vary according to your destination, of course. Some countries have quarantine requirements, which our international pet transport services can help you understand and navigate.

If your flight is to or through the Middle East, you’ll be contending with daily temperatures soaring to 45C in August and thus seasonal restrictions on pet travel. Some other warm-weather locales also restrict travel of certain breeds, like pugs, which might struggle to breathe in the heat. These and other restrictions you’ll encounter may seem arbitrary, but ensuring pet safety is the top priority for airlines and international pet transport services alike.

If you’re heading to a country with a high burden of documentation, somewhere in the European Union, for example, you’ll need to start early and get your paperwork and vet appointments scheduled.

Finally, some countries may require translated copies of your pet’s documents, so you’ll need to allow time for this requirement, too, should it pertain.

No matter how overwhelming the pet relocation process may seem, we know your family’s beloved pet is worth it. So whether you’ll be flying your furbaby in the cabin or as checked baggage, we’re going to help you sort out every one of little Willow or Charlie’s travel details.

Can my pet move with me?

The most important consideration for the safe transport of your pet is the animal’s health. If your pet is aging, pregnant, younger than 12 weeks or injured, you’ll need to factor that into your plans. Meet with your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s travel fitness as soon as you’re seriously considering an international move.

OSS Moving Overseas With Cats

Once you and your veterinarian have decided your pet is fit to travel, you’ll want to look for vaccination requirements — particularly for rabies — as well as microchip needs, essential health certificates and government stamps or authorisations. Titre tests may also be required; these blood tests measure antibodies in your pet’s blood and can serve as proof of immunity.

You’ll save yourself stress by understanding the entirety of this process when it’s early days because some vaccinations and certificates will need to be obtained months ahead of travel while other certifications must be dated within days of the trip. We can help you map this out.

Once that’s organised, it’s time to start considering the types of air travel most suitable for your animal. Service dogs may travel in the cabin with you, provided the existence of appropriate identity documents. If you require a service dog to travel in the cabin with you, we’ll contact your airline as soon as possible.

All other animals will need to travel in the cargo hold below the plane. Our team can help you determine the appropriate, airline-approved size of pet carrier or kennel for the cargo hold. Should you own a particularly exotic pet (racing pigeon? reptile?) we may need to arrange live animal freight transport.

At this point, it’s important to research airline regulations concerning pets as well as routes you and your pet could fly. Long layovers may complicate matters, particularly if you are carrying your pet in the cabin. Each airline, airport and layover country will have different regulations and require different documents.

Lining up the Tetris blocks of pet travel can prove challenging. Regulations will vary from one country to the next by season.

Quarantine lengths on arrival and the required reservations should also factor into your plans; you’ll need to make sure you understand the requirements of the gaining country.

Our partners as international pet transport experts can help you with all of this essential research. We’re here to help you feel prepared and able to set your pet up for as comfortable a journey as possible.

Ready to move your pet?

By now you’ll have realised international pet transport is a massive research project. Details and forms abound. This is where an experienced pet transport service can help.


We understand the process from start to finish, from when we pick up your pet in Australia to when they reach their final destination with your family on your new adventure. We know the pitfalls and where things can go wrong, so we can anticipate and overcome common glitches. And if anything goes wrong, we can work the system to address problems while you’re still in transit. You don’t need the headache of pet relocation hiccups in the first days of living in a new country; you’ll be busy getting set up.

Choosing to hire a pet relocation service is a wise way to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being during the whirlwind that is moving abroad. Do call us as soon as you begin making plans. This way, we can work from the get-go to get your pet on board the same flight.

A high-flying pet concierge service

An experienced pet relocation service like ours boasts a team of longtime professionals who can anticipate all your questions and concerns. Perhaps you’re wondering how to soothe your dog’s anxiety about traveling in the crate. We can help you prepare man’s best friend for the journey. Maybe you’re wondering if you should sedate your cat ahead of a plane ride so they aren’t mewing the entire flight. Our veterinarians can help you think that through.

In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, we have access to pet lounges so your four-legged friend can stretch their paws and get hydrated ahead of their journey. Pets can stay here if their flight is delayed or return here if there is a cancellation. These things happen, and we’re prepared.

If you’re calm heading into the move, you’ll be better able to help your pet. Our team of professionals has also done this so many times. They can project calm and confidence to help your pet know they’re in safe stead.

Wondering about the costs of international pet transport? We’ll provide you an all-inclusive price based on your flight schedule, the size and weight of your pet and the care level needed.


Ready to get on board?

Whether it’s a dog or cat who has captured your family’s heart, we’re here to help keep the family together. We invite you to contact us as soon as you’ve decided to pursue a new adventure for the humans and pets in your pack.

We’ve got tons of research to share and have likely moved scores of pets to your new home country ahead of you. That’s why we can be your voice of wisdom as you plan and embark upon the family’s big move as well as your animal’s guide to a comfortable and safe journey.

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