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This ancient country is renowned for its rich culture and diversity. Many moving here will find it’s a feast for the senses in more ways than one.

Moving and Living in India

India occupies the greater part of South Asia, with the capital, New Delhi, located in the northern part of the country. With a population of 1.408 billion people, India has just become the most populous country in the world. Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is the most populated city with 12.5 million people.

Two climatic subtypes are prevalent in India. A tropical monsoon climate, particularly in the south which is prone to high humidity. The other, a tropical climate which brings both wet and dry weather conditions. The southern regions experience their mildest temperatures between January and September; whereas in the northeast, the months from March to August are more bearable.

India is often unseen as a family destination; however, the country is a wonderful place to raise a family. Many foreigners choose to send children to one of the excellent private or international schools present in every major city. Exploration around this great country and experiencing the many breathtaking sights, smells and tastes are also a fantastic family activity.

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English is a commonly spoken language, along with Hindi. Most people can understand English, more so in the south. However, in the North, English is less understood.

One of the biggest advantages of moving to India is the cost of living. Expats earning a local currency by working in skilled roles will live very comfortably. It is generally much cheaper than many other countries, making it an attractive choice. In addition, India offers a wide range of job opportunities for those interested in relocating there. There may be a challenge finding suitable housing, as there is a high demand for good quality accommodation. It is recommended you either seek the assistance from your employer or enlist the services of a reputable estate agent.

India’s healthcare system is well-developed and highly desirable. There are advanced technologies in all hospitals, as well as skilled members of staff who provide quality medical services that are reasonably priced. The cultural diversity of the country is amazing. Here you can experience both traditional and modern aspects of the culture, ranging from ancient monuments to vibrant festivals. There are plenty of locations to explore and activities to take part in, making India an ideal destination for those looking for a new lifestyle adventure.

The cultural diversity of the country is amazing. Here you can experience both traditional and modern aspects of the culture, ranging from ancient monuments to vibrant festivals.

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Visa and Immigration Information

When travelling or moving to the India, make sure your passport and visas are correct and valid. Check these links to find out some of the latest requirements.

Consulate / Embassy in Australia

Contact the Consulate General of India at 265 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000 or follow this link to the Consulate General of India website: 

Visa Information

General visa information and processing information can be found here:

Passport Information

General passport information can be found here:

Immigration Information

Follow this link for immigration information and related services:

Citizenship Information

A guide to citizenship: