Moving and Living in Switzerland

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Moving and Living in Switzerland

OSS World Wide Movers can provide moving & relocation services to Switzerland or any location around the world.
Expats moving to Switzerland will find that the prosperous, orderly cities and cantons of mountainous Switzerland make for an ideal destination for relocation. Foreign workers have long been integrated into the economy, particularly the financial and diplomatic sectors, where the demand for international expat workers is high. In fact, over 20 percent of Switzerland’s overall population are expats -and most of these are employed as skilled professionals.
The cost of living is exceptionally high, especially in the key expat destinations of Geneva and Zurich; although, above average salaries compensate for this point of concern. Crime is a rarity, and social problems virtually non-existent. Furthermore, the country’s education and healthcare systems are world-renowned, and its infrastructure meticulously maintained.
Switzerland runs likes clockwork, appropriate for a country famed for its watch making, and is a point of great pride for the fastidious Swiss. For expats, this means that life here is a trouble-free, if not a slightly sanitised, experience.
According to the 2010 Mercer Quality of Life Survey, out of 221 global destinations three Swiss cities ranked in the top ten; a reflection of the nation’s safe, stable, wholesome lifestyle and solid economy. The few drawbacks to living here include an occasionally insular population of locals that don’t fully welcome expats, and comprehensively cold and snowy winters. But as they say, if life gives you snow, go skiing, and that is precisely what many expats find themselves doing on the world class Alpine slopes around Geneva, Interlaken and St Moritz.
Moving to Switzerland to live and work as an expat is a fantastic move for driven and motivated individuals who want to work in a country where their skills are highly regarded, and well rewarded.
Switzerland couldn’t be more central to Europe! A popular and exciting destination for Australians moving to Switzerland to further their professional training, skill base, and/or career opportunities. For over 50 years OSS World Wide Movers has been assisting individuals, business people, and Corporates relocate to Switzerland with the professional service and advice that comes from choosing a quality international moving specialist.

Expats moving to Switzerland will find that the prosperous, orderly cities and cantons of mountainous Switzerland make for an ideal destination for relocation

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Visa and Immigration Information

When travelling or moving to Switzerland, make sure your passport and visas are correct and valid. Check these links to find out some of the latest requirements.

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Contact the Swiss Embassy by visiting 7 Melbourne Avenue, Forrest, ACT 2603, Australia. Phone +612 6162 8400 Fax +612 6273 3428 Email or follow this link to the Embassy website:

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