Moving overseas by sea freight is one of the most cost-effective ways to move your furniture and household goods overseas.

Most overseas moves are conducted via shipping in sea freight containers. Depending on the size of the move, and the speed with which the move items are to arrive at your destination, there is a variety of options for you to choose from.

How are my belongings moved by sea freight?

Moving overseas by Sea Freight is performed in many ways, and there are several container usage options available. 

Moving Overseas by Sea Freight

Sole Use Containers when moving overseas

20 Foot Shipping Containers for FCL Moves
40 Foot Shipping Containers for FCL Moves

Full Container Load – FCL
If you require a Full Container Load to yourself then you will use the FCL method which allows for direct shipping of your goods in your own dedicated container.

There are three main sizes of shipping containers that you can consider, 20 foot which holds approximately 28 to 30 cubic meters (average 3 bedroom home), a 40-foot container that holds approximately 58 to 60 cubic meters, and 40-foot high cube which holds approximately 65 to 70 cubic meters (average 4-5 bedroom home).

Shared Containers when moving overseas

Groupage Moves ready for sea freight container
Moving by Sea Freight Groupage Container Loading

This shipping option allows you to share the cost of a sea freight container with other people who are also moving personal effects to the same destination.

The Groupage method of sea freight is mostly used when moving to countries with a high volume of shipping movements.

Moving by Sea Freight LCL Timber Crate
Moving by Sea Freight LCL Container Loading

Less than Container Load – LCL
The ‘Less than Container Load’ shipping method allows us to send smaller moves to low-volume destinations that don’t have regular Groupage services, by co-loading your personal effects with commercial cargo.

If this type of sea freight option is applicable for your overseas move, appropriate protection for your goods would be provided (e.g. crating).

If you are seeking a faster moving method than sea freight, or would like to send a few urgent items that you will need with you as soon as you arrive at your destination, then you may wish to read more about our options for moving by air freight.