Client Documents Required (and Visas)

 – Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement (B534). This is available as a writable pdf at however it must be printed and signed and dated by hand on each page. Electronic  signatures are not acceptable.
– Copy of passport photo page with signature. Note signature on B534 must match passport signature or customs form will be rejected.
– Client must have applicable visas for non-residents with long stay/permanent residence visa, also visas such as student visa 500 and working visa 457.
 – If client does not have acceptable long stay visa but has say a tourist visa and applied for permanent residency visa we may be able to clear in normal fashion         but suggest prior to shipping you check with us attaching copies of visas/application etc

Visas for which Household Goods and Personal Effects may be imported into Australia by the Visa Holder

Business Skills – Business Talent (Migrant) (Class EA)  Other Family (Residence) (Class BU) 
Business Skills – Established Business (Residence) (Class BH) Parent (Migrant) (Class AX)
Business Skills (Residence) (Class DF) Aged Parent (Residence) (Class BP)
Child (Migrant) (Class AH) Partner (Residence) (Class BS)
Child (Residence) (Class BT) Resolution of Status (Residence) (Class BL)
Confirmatory (Residence) (Class AK) Return (Residence) (Class BB)
Designated Parent (Migrant) (Class BY) Skill Matching (Migrant) (Class BR)
Designated Parent (Residence) (Class BZ) Skilled – Australian Linked (Migrant) (Class AJ) 
Distinguished Talent (Migrant) (Class AL) Skilled – Australian-sponsored (Migrant) (Class BQ)
Distinguished Talent (Residence) (Class BX) Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DE)
Employer Nomination (Migrant) (Class AN) Skilled – Independent (Migrant) (Class BN)
Employer Nomination (Residence) (Class BW) Skilled – Independent Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DD)
Special Eligibility (Residence) (Class AO) Skilled – New Zealand Citizen (Residence) (Class DB) 
Special Eligibility (Migrant) (Class AR) Partner (Migrant) (Class BC)
Independent (Migrant) (Class AT) Contributory Parent (Migrant) (Class CA)
Labour Agreement (Migrant) (Class AU) Contributory Aged Parent (Residence) (Class DG)
Labour Agreement (Residence) (Class BV) Territorial Asylum (Residence) (Class BE)
Norfolk Island Permanent Resident (Residence) (Class AW) Witness Protection (Trafficking) (Permanent) (Class DH)
Other Family (Migrant) (Class BO) Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400)

NOTE – Changes under Australia’s 457 Working Visa Programme are being legislated as at May 2017 and whilst all details are still being clarified, the result is likely to be a harder approach to granting of 457 Working Visas.