Importing Diplomatic Goods

Diplomats are entitled to duty free entry (provided they have the correct yellow Diplomat Customs Form i.e., B615) but still require Quarantine examination and inspection, this inspection is done at our warehouse/bond store under supervision of our staff in a secure environment (bond licenses in Australia require strict security measures).  The transferee is not required to attend at the Quarantine Inspection.  

Following documents are required:

 – OBL or AWB.
 – Original Customs Form B615 completed and stamped by Embassy/Consulate in Australia.
 – Inventory of goods
 – Copy of Diplomat’s passport photo page with signature.
 – Letter of Authority on Diplomatic Letterhead to allow Quarantine examination.

Diplomats importing alcohol with their shipment, whilst it will be a duty free importation on the alcohol (provided Diplomat has the correct Yellow Diplomat Form ie., B615) we still require a fully completed Alcohol and Tobacco Declaration for submission to Customs.  This is available at 

Your client can prepare their own list the main thing is the list is in the form +/or contains the information outlined in the above download.

Motor vehicles imported by Diplomats follow a similar process and will require an Import Permit on the vehicle prior to shipping.  Importation for valid Diplomats should be Duty/Tax free.  

For further information about importing cars, motorcycles, trailers and other Vehicles to Australia see: