Most firearms require Police authorisation from the State in Australia in which the person intends to reside or visit. 

Certain firearms i.e., pump action shotguns, self-loading rim fire rifles and automatic firearms may only be imported with the PRIOR written approval of the Federal Attorney-General. 

Duty free entry provided the relative firearm licence is issued and the firearm passes a ballistic/safety inspection.  This involves a Customs Inspection at our depot and a fee of $200.

The Australian Border Force will forward all firearms to the Commonwealth Police for ballistics/safety inspection. As State regulations vary in Australia, it is strongly recommended that the client writes to the Police Department in the intended State/Territory of residence, for approval prior to shipping the firearm. 

Firearms will be released to the owner upon presentation of the appropriate licence/s. 

If client is shipping firearms in personal effects consignment, this must be declared on the Customs B534 and marked clearly on the packing list so the crew at unload, can locate and isolate in the Customs Hold.

Certain types of weapons such as spring loaded knives, daggers, swordsticks, and blowpipes, knuckledusters and unsafe firearms are prohibited.  Ornamental swords may be imported however they will be inspected by Australian Customs and may be seized if deemed to be prohibited.  If the daggers are single or double edged, they will be seized and the client will be required to apply directly to Customs for their release. If they are single edged, there is a good chance they may be released, less so for double edged unless client can put a very convincing argument to Customs. If shipped, please be sure the location of the knives, the daggers etc. etc., are noted clearly on the packing list so we can isolate at unload.

Certain weapons may be imported but must comply with certain requirements and conditions on, or prior to, import into Australia and these are referred to as ‘tests’.

In addition to these tests, permission to import must also be issued by the relevant permit issuing body. The permit issuing body can be the Police or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Some weapons are subject to the Police certification test. Weapons subject to the Police certification test do not require written permission to import from the Department, however, they do require Police approval under this test in the form of either a B709B Form – Importation of Weapons – Police Certification, or a B709X Form – Ongoing Importation of Weapons Police Confirmation No Licence Required.  Further detail available at:

In the case of soft-air firearms refer to