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Great Job

I moved from Australia to Europe, but my move was a bit complicated as I had two pick-up locations, and I was not at the receiving end to get the goods. All around, I found this company very personable, helpful, professional and careful. I highly recommend these removalists.

This post about moving from Australia to Europe was made by Charlotte on September 3 2022

This was a perfect process and highly recommend !!

My family and i relocated from Melb to London and the process led by OSS was exceptional !! The team that arrived on the day could not have been better – great guys and couldn’t do enough to help us. They were so respectful of our house and belongings and were just lovely guys to deal with. Adam the Sales Manager of OSS was exceptional and OSS should be thankful he is leading the operation. He even called to check in and see how our move was going and followed up a few times since. Impressive!!

This post about moving from Melbourne to London was made by David on August 25 2022

OSS were the best part of the process

We moved about 40 boxes from Boston MA to QLD – the beginning of the process was booked with a US company who picked up the items in Feb but then did not ship them until June and communication was non existent. Once the move was subcontracted out to OSS communication was 10/10 and they did all they could to quickly clear and deliver it. We wish we used OSS from the beginning

This post about moving from Boston,USA to Queensland was made by Sarah on August 18 2022

Most Professional Crews I’ve Dealt With

I have moved between the USA and Australia 5 times now and have used OSS for the last two and would never consider using anyone else. Their crews are professional and competent, a pleasure to have in our home. I only wish I was able to use them on the American side of the move. If you have an international move from Australia, this is the only outfit you need to consider. Best of the Best.

This post about moving from Australia to the USA was made by Yerpointis on August 8 2022

Great Service

I had a fairly small consignment going from Brisbane to New Zealand. The packing crew were fantastic – very efficient, friendly, and on time, and they made the job stress-free and enjoyable. Communication with the admin staff was regular and helpful and the goods arrived in one-piece and without hassle. I would definitely recommend OSS to others who wish to send contents overseas.

This post about moving from Brisbane to New Zealand was made by Ruth on August 1 2022

Amazing Moving Company!

OSS were incredible & affordable from start to finish! They made a stressful situation bearable as I had to ship my fathers estate in Sydney, 20 yr, two story apartment of valuable antiques & so forth…where my wrapping handy work was sub-par at best they swooped in & made the necessary adjustments-I wish I knew they would of helped with that from the beginning as that would of made my life so much easier, but truly truly grateful none the less !!! Please dont hesitate to use this Co. they were superlative in every way, also it was all delivered relatively fast within 1-2 mth window, door to door to a remote region in New Zealand, unbelievable service. Thank You!!!!

This post about moving from Sydney to New Zealand was made by LP on July 26 2022

Excellent all-round!

Moved 1cbm from Brisbane to Auckland.
The whole process was fast and smooth, excellent service and communication. No problems at all, any questions I had was answered in a timely manner…was told would take minimum of 12weeks and with all the COVID restrictions easing I assumed it would take at least 6months to get here but it was here and delivered in 13weeks.

Was not the cheapest quote I got but by far the best reviews and I’m so happy I chose them because their service was excellent.
Thank you team !!

This post about moving from Brisbane to New Zealand was made by Ana H on July 26 2022

Great Communication

Despite the problems at the dock and quarantine department the Communication was kept up to date and I was well informed throughout the process. The delivery was exceptional. Highly recommended.

This post about moving was made by Terence C on July 13 2022


We knew moving during a pandemic wouldn’t be easy, but the way our timeline unfolded, we left Texas, August 2021. We had hired a local moving company but unfortunately the bad news never stopped coming in with that company, they were unable to secure a shipping line. Month after month passed, being told they weren’t successful booking a shipping line. We were in Australia without any of our household goods. The stress of not just our household goods but all our sentimental special things stuck on the otherside of the world was so hard. We felt so defeated! Then I had a light bulb moment 1 night, the company I used to move to USA 5.5 years prior “OSS World Wide Movers” did such a great job, I wondered if they could help me.

I started emailing Adam about our situation and he was so helpful, honest and empathetic. Adam was patient while we tried to work out the refund from the previous moving company and while we decided if we were willing to take the plunge and gamble on a new company, after being so scorned by the first.

Through Adam’s great customer service, willingness to work with us on the quote and wealth of information he provided, we felt comfortable booking the move with OSS.

Within a few days of accepting their quote and booking with OSS, Adam had worked with their US partner to have our goods booked in yo be picked up from our original company’s warehouse – even reaching out to the the original company to talk to them on our behalf, taking all the stress out of it. Within a few days of that, the great news that a container for our belongings and a shipping line had been confirmed for just 3 weeks away!

Within 1 month, OSS managed to do what our original booking company couldn’t manage in 9 months! I am so relieved and feel like we are in good hands and can’t wait for our stuff to arrive in August. I have lost hair, sleep and sanity over our situation but I am finally able to sleep easy knowing our household goods will be on their way, all thanks to Adam at OSS and their fabulous contacts.

This post about moving to Australia from the USA was made by Katie C on June 17 2022

Moving from Melbourne to Northern Ireland

We needed a 20 foot container for our move. The staff at the office were top of class. The 2 men who came to our home to pack our belongings were the best workers and so careful with our furniture and household items. All arrived in good condition and were delivered by a team of 3. We were able to check the location of our shipment and it arrived right on time. Our experience with OSS has been great and reliable and good value for money.

This post about moving to Northern Island from Melbourne, Victoria was made by Dux on June 12 2022

Superb Service

We were only moving to New Zealand from Melbourne but excellent communication with Kylie throughout and then the packers, wow! Never seen a couple of guys work so fast and efficiently as well as being friendly and lugging an old sofa out to the kerb for hard pickup from the council. Everything was done on time. Would recommend them without a qualm.

This post about moving to New Zealand from Melbourne, Victoria was made by Pamela on June 6 2022

Moving to Melbourne from Canada

I moved 15m3 from Montreal QC Canada to Melbourne VIC Australia, it was long due to the worldwide current circumstances (it took 2 months to find a vessel to Australia and it was for Sydney with a stop at Melbourne!). It took 5 months and 11 days in total. But the service was good, the communication was great and easy by email.
I was able to follow the vessel online and see the location. Then when it arrived in Sydney, even a little bit before, I was immediately contacted to prepare the administrative documents and inspection appointments were booked (delays for the inspections, but not a surprise here).
Then the delivery (finally! 🙂 ) plan was well prepared as I sent pictures (stairs to 2nd-floor – I paid an extra for that), the communication was good again and the team of 3 guys who deliver was super nice, helpful, and efficient.
My personal effects were in good condition, with a few small damages, but nothing serious and it’s hard to get nothing damaged in a protracted process like this one (particularly because during the customs inspection some boxes are opened).
I suspect that one box is missing, not sure because I can recall only 2 small items missing. I contacted my OSS point of contact, and they are checking it. Again, nothing major here and unfortunately some errors of inventory was done at the departure in Montreal. So, this may explain the issue in the end.

Globally very satisfied and happy to have my things here. Yes, it’s long and pricy currently, but it’s a question of personal choice in the end.

This post about moving to Melbourne from Canada was made by Missbobine on June 6 2022