Moving from Melbourne to Northern Ireland

We needed a 20 foot container for our move. The staff at the office were top of class. The 2 men who came to our home to pack our belongings were the best workers and so careful with our furniture and household items. All arrived in good condition and were delivered by a team of 3. We were able to check the location of our shipment and it arrived right on time. Our experience with OSS has been great and reliable and good value for money.

This post about moving to Northern Island from Melbourne, Victoria was made by Dux on June 12 2022

Superb Service

We were only moving to New Zealand from Melbourne but excellent communication with Kylie throughout and then the packers, wow! Never seen a couple of guys work so fast and efficiently as well as being friendly and lugging an old sofa out to the kerb for hard pickup from the council. Everything was done on time. Would recommend them without a qualm.

This post about moving to New Zealand from Melbourne, Victoria was made by Pamela on June 6 2022

Moving to Melbourne from Canada

I moved 15m3 from Montreal QC Canada to Melbourne VIC Australia, it was long due to the worldwide current circumstances (it took 2 months to find a vessel to Australia and it was for Sydney with a stop at Melbourne!). It took 5 months and 11 days in total. But the service was good, the communication was great and easy by email.
I was able to follow the vessel online and see the location. Then when it arrived in Sydney, even a little bit before, I was immediately contacted to prepare the administrative documents and inspection appointments were booked (delays for the inspections, but not a surprise here).
Then the delivery (finally! 🙂 ) plan was well prepared as I sent pictures (stairs to 2nd-floor – I paid an extra for that), the communication was good again and the team of 3 guys who deliver was super nice, helpful, and efficient.
My personal effects were in good condition, with a few small damages, but nothing serious and it’s hard to get nothing damaged in a protracted process like this one (particularly because during the customs inspection some boxes are opened).
I suspect that one box is missing, not sure because I can recall only 2 small items missing. I contacted my OSS point of contact, and they are checking it. Again, nothing major here and unfortunately some errors of inventory was done at the departure in Montreal. So, this may explain the issue in the end.

Globally very satisfied and happy to have my things here. Yes, it’s long and pricy currently, but it’s a question of personal choice in the end.

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Brilliant service

We sent some furniture and personal effects to France. Excellent service all the way. Great communication and spot on with delivery times. Cannot recommend highly enough. Things took a while due to pandemic, but in the end everything arrived safely. Wonderful staff and very competent.

This post about moving to France from Melbourne, Victoria was made by Suzanne on May 13 2022

Great Experience!

We recently relocated from Houston, USA to Sydney, Australia and OSS World Wide Movers handled the Australian end of the move. I was so impressed by the level of service provided by Thi Nguyen, our International Move Manager as well as by the delivery team. We’ve moved internationally four times and this was by far the best interaction we’ve had in the industry. I would recommend them to anyone!

Extremely Pleased!

OSS handled the receipt and delivery of a small shipment of household goods from the USA. There were the inevitable COVID-related delays at the port (beyond the control of OSS), but OSS did an outstanding job of keeping me up to date with the progress and offering help in filling in the forms. The delivery and unpacking of the goods were extremely good – the best of any move I have had.

Excellent Moving Experience

I was recommended by a friend to contact OSS for my moving from Hong Kong to Melbourne. Jacqueline Marks and her team from QLD handled my shipment. The storage period was extended by me a few times due to unforeseen situations, which were settled smoothly by Jacqueline. The delivery team was efficient and polite. My over hundred cartons were finally delivered to me all in good condition 8 months after packing. Thank you to OSS team who provided me a stress free experience in this stressful moving environment, under the shadow of the pandemic. OSS is highly recommended.

Moving to London

Thank you for the smooth and pain free move during the height of pandemic (1 Bedroom apartment) to London from Melbourne. Excellent advice provided from the first point of contact to delivery was brilliant and most appreciated. I was fully supported and informed on the necessary documents needed in a timely manner at both ends. OSS partnered with ReloUK, both highly professional teams. I would definitely recommend this company and use their services in future. Well done and thank you.

Excellent Service

I had recently relocated from South Africa and as with any relocation, it comes with a lot of stress. However, the OSS team have been really amazing in easing some of that pressure. They had arrived on time, and communicated with me throughout the process. The service was excellent and they put all the boxes in the correct rooms. The staff were friendly and helpful and I was extremely happy with the service. I will definitely recommend them and will use them in future.

Fantastic Service

From first contact with OSS, they were fantastic. We moved from Gold Coast to NZ. The packers (3 of them) turned up and got stuck into the complete household pack into a 20 ft container. Their packing skills were amazing and a lot of care was taken. Every item was individually wrapped and packed carefully into boxes. The furniture was also wrapped to perfection in really thick quality material. Communication was great and I received regular updates and phone calls.
When my belongings arrived at our house in NZ, it again was streamline with 2 guys there to unload.
OSS would be my first choice if needed in the future. I highly recommend.

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So impressed from start to finish with OSS, I contacted them a month out from having to move from Darley, VIC to Auckland and the short notice was so problem. The packers were super quick and professional, communication in regards to where our belongings were was incredible and delivery (most items to be walked up stairs)… amazing!! We highly recommend contacting OSS for your next move.

This post about moving to Auckland, New Zealand was made by Stacey on February 16 2022

Good Job

We moved to Brisbane from Hong Kong. OSS handled the delivery at this end. Took a while to process because of the pandemic. Brilliant work by the delivery crew of 2 guys… placed every box where instructed. But 7 boxes were missing, wrongly marked as loaded, but in fact still at the warehouse. After being finally located they were delivered promptly. Yeah! Good job well done. Thank you OSS.

This post about moving from Hong Kong to Brisbane was made by the Chamberlain Family on February 16 2022