Moving To Canada –
What You Need To Know

Since 1969, OSS World Wide Movers has provided complete global door-to-door moving services to Canada. That’s over 50 years of specialist international moving, and over 200,000 moves.

Important Information To Consider When Moving To Canada

The shipper must be present in Canada when the consignment arrives to avoid Customs complications.

Most people will be granted duty-free entry for their household goods and effects if their goods consist of used household effects that have been in the owner’s use and possession abroad for at least one year and will keep on being used by the owner in their new residence.

When arriving in Canada you must declare “Goods to Follow”. This is done by checking ‘Yes’ on your CBSA Arrival Card which asks “I/we have unaccompanied goods”

Airport Customs Officials will request a copy of the Inventory List prepared by the crew on your day of uplift. You may need to provide approximate depreciated values in Canadian Dollars for the items imported into Canada. Ensure you keep any stamped documents.

Personal physical attendance is required at the nearest Canada Customs Office for your consignment to be cleared (our partners shall advise of the nearest office to your delivery location). Customs offices are located in major Canadian cities.

You will be required to present your passport, detailed inventory list, values of items being imported, proof of residency status in Canada (i.e. Visa) and all stamped documentation received at the airport.

When asked to attend the nearest Customs office in person, the following forms will then need to be produced:

  • Original Landing Certificates (Confirmation of permanent residency)
  • Personal Effects Account Document Customs Form B4E
  • Liquor Permit (if liquor is included in the shipment please advise your move manager as they will need to contact our destination partner for instructions to apply for a permit)

Returning residents must provide proof of living outside of Canada for 12 + Months. Non-Canadians must have a Canadian Work or Residence Permit. The eTA is not acceptable.


There may also be additional documentation that you will be required to provide at the destination to achieve duty-free entry for your shipment. Whilst you are not required to provide this documentation to us at this time, please ensure you read and fully understand the requirements. If you do require further clarification or foresee any difficulties in obtaining the required documentation, please let me know and I will arrange for our destination partner to contact you directly to discuss.