Moving To Ireland –
What You Need To Know

Since 1969, OSS World Wide Movers has provided complete global door-to-door moving services to Ireland. That’s over 50 years of specialist international moving, and over 200,000 moves.

Important Information To Consider When Moving To Ireland

It is strongly recommended that the shipper is present in Ireland when the consignment arrives to avoid Customs complications.

The following list of documents is required for customs clearance and should be returned to this office before your uplift date. Should you need any help completing this paperwork, please do not hesitate to contact our office:

  • TOR 1 Form
  • 1076 Customs Form You are not required to list the goods; our packing list will suffice.
  • Copy of the photo page of your passport (and any applicable visas)
  • A PPS Number or an application for a PPS number.
  • Four proofs of living in Australia dated from the last month, 6 months ago and 1 year ago e.g. utility bills, bank statements.
  • Documentation proving that you were employed in Australia, this can be a letter from your employer, tax office or other official documentation.
  • Four proofs of living in Ireland e.g. utility bills, bank statement or a letter from the Garda confirming that you live at your address (this will have to be officially stamped/signed).
  • Evidence of employment in Ireland, this can be a letter from an employer, or if you have your own business, the name, company number and a copy of the letterhead, or if you are self-employed a letter from your accountant or tax office.
  • Documentation regarding buying or renting a house e.g. tenancy agreement, prelim agreement for purchase, land registry document.
    Flight ticket indicating your date of arrival in Ireland

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Vehicle purchase receipt
  • Copy of recent Insurance Certificate
  • Copy of registration of vehicle in Australia

Please also review the FIDI Guide to Ireland Customs Requirements, which has additional information that you might find helpful.

moving to ireland from australia

There may also be additional documentation that you will be required to provide at the destination to achieve duty-free entry for your shipment. Whilst you are not required to provide this documentation to us at this time, please ensure you read and fully understand the requirements. If you do require further clarification or foresee any difficulties in obtaining the required documentation, please let me know and I will arrange for our destination partner to contact you directly to discuss.