Moving To New Zealand –
What You Need To Know

Since 1969, OSS World Wide Movers has provided complete global door-to-door moving services to New Zealand. That’s over 50 years of specialist international moving, and over 200,000 moves.

Important Information To Consider When Moving To New Zealand

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Used household and personal effects can be imported into NZ duty-free provided you meet the criteria for concessionary entry.

Most people will be granted concessionary entry (tax-free) for their household goods and effects so long as you:

  1. Have arrived (you need to be present in New Zealand) and on the date the effects are imported,
  2. Hold a document authorising residence in New Zealand (refer to the FIDI guide for more details);
  3. Have resided outside of NZ for the whole of 21 months before the date of arrival in NZ;
  4. Have owned and used the household goods before the date of departure for NZ

QUARANTINE (Ministry of Primary Industries MPI formerly MAF)

In New Zealand, your effects will be unloaded and presented to MPI for inspection. MPI will make an assessment based on the items you have included in your shipment, as well as the answers you have provided to specific questions asked in the documentation provided as to what is required to be inspected. If ordered MPI inspection charges start at $275.00 for a few boxes and range up to $1,100.00 for a fully loaded 40ft container.

These charges are normally payable on arrival in New Zealand but can be prepaid. GST will not be payable if prepaid.


If you are shipping a motor vehicle/motorcycle to New Zealand, the vehicle must be scrupulously clean inside and out to minimise the risk of an order for cleaning by NZ Quarantine. Areas to be particularly mindful of are under the wheel arches, under the bonnet where leaves can gather, grass and seeds on the floor mats and inside the boot.

Moving To New Zealand - Wai O Tapu

There may also be additional documentation that you will be required to provide at the destination to achieve duty-free entry for your shipment. Whilst you are not required to provide this documentation to us at this time, please ensure you read and fully understand the requirements. If you do require further clarification or foresee any difficulties in obtaining the required documentation, please let me know and I will arrange for our destination partner to contact you directly to discuss.