Moving To Taiwan –
What You Need To Know

Since 1969, OSS World Wide Movers has provided complete global door-to-door moving services to Taiwan. That’s over 50 years of specialist international moving, and over 200,000 moves.

Important Information To Consider When Moving To Taiwan

Personal and household affects shipments are generally allowed a reasonable non-commercial amount of goods and appliances bracket one type of appliance per incoming family member]. Anything more than is deemed a reasonable amount by customs authorities will be subject to import tax and duty

Household goods must be imported within three months of the shipper’s arrival new line the shipper must be in Taiwan before his shipment arrival.

Important Note: the shipper must not use the “express” channel when first arriving in going through airport immigration they need to get their passport stamped by an immigration officer.

  • Copy of Passport (Photo & Signature page)
  • Copy of arrival flight information to Taiwan (e-ticket/boarding pass) and the corresponding entry stamp inside their passport (within six months before shipment arrival)
  • Original Signed Entrusting Letter – 1 for every shipment mode (Customs Authorization Letter provided by our Destination partner)
  • Copy of Work Permit or ARC/Residence Certificate (for Expats) and Residence ID (for Taiwanese) – (front & Back pages)

There may also be additional documentation that you will be required to provide at the destination to achieve duty-free entry for your shipment. Whilst you are not required to provide this documentation to us at this time, please ensure you read and fully understand the requirements. If you do require further clarification or foresee any difficulties in obtaining the required documentation, please let me know and I will arrange for our destination partner to contact you directly to discuss.