We Aussies are an adventurous bunch – PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts that by 2030, 1.35 million Australian citizens will live overseas. But while some of us jet off to far-flung locations, many are choosing somewhere closer to home, such as moving to New Zealand.

Its epic landscapes and wild beaches make our trans-Tasman neighbour very similar. That’s why so many Australians are relocating to the Land of the Long White Cloud as a home away from home. In fact, Aussies have been the joint-third largest group of migrants to enter New Zealand since the beginning of 2019, according to Stats NZ.

A relaxed lifestyle and comparable cost of living (see NZ Immigration’s Cost of Living Calculator for an idea on what your move may cost) may make the relocation seem simple. However, there are still important things to consider before moving to across the ditch.

Moving to New ZealandNew Zealand has similar lifestyle and cost of living to Australia.

1) The country has reciprocal political arrangements with Australia

With cultural and social similarities north and south of The Ditch, Australians moving to New Zealand will find comparatively few changes to stress about.

  • Australian citizens are granted a permanent visa to live and work in New Zealand upon arrival at border control.
  • The Reciprocal Health Care Agreement covers Aussies’ healthcare costs such as hospitalisation, maternity services and pharmaceuticals.
  • Retired pensioners can still receive regular payments while living in New Zealand.

2) It’s an easy place for business – but it has a small market

New Zealand is officially the easiest country in the world to do business, according to World Bank data. Factors contributing to this pro-business environment include:

  • An educated and comparatively inexpensive labour force.
  • No business payroll, capital gains or social security taxes.
  • Significant government backing for entrepreneurial activities.

Incorporating a new business in New Zealand can take as little as a single day, meaning you can get yourself up and running in no time after your relocation.

However, New Zealand’s market is limited due to its smaller population – at just under 5 million (Stats NZ), it’s nearly five times smaller than Australia. That makes establishing business connections in Pacific and Asian markets crucial to success in the long term.

3) It’s close but still an international move away

One of the most important things to realise about relocating to New Zealand is that no matter how close it is, packing up and moving your life abroad is still challenging.

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