Migrants living in Australia has increased

New research shows increased diversity in the source countries of migrants living in Australian capital cities as immigration numbers rise.

Australian capital cities now exhibit what is known as super diversity, According to Nathan Taylor, chief economist of Australia’s economic development committee (CEDA) . People from almost all nations of the world found living here.

In Melbourne, for example, there are immigrants from over 190 nations. Some local government areas are represented by up to 109 countries. In addition, over the last 70 years, immigration has added seven million people to Australia’s population. If current policies continue, it may add a further 13 million to by 2060.

Some 17.99% of the Australian population originates from the UK, 9.11% from New Zealand, 7.18% from China, 6.45% from India, 3.52% from the Philippines, 3.43% from Vietnam, 2.95% from Italy and 2.33% from both South Africa and Malaysia, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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