Expat Bob Kiernan tells the story of how he and his wife established two pet care businesses in Australia.

Bob Kiernan, 53, and his wife Karen moved to Bellbowrie, a western suburb of Brisbane, with their daughter Elizabeth, seven, in 2007. They now run two pet care businesses.

Why did you decide to move to Australia?
In 2002, my wife and I decided that we wanted to leave England in five years’ time. We just fancied living somewhere else. We just thought, why would someone want to live in one country for their entire life?

We chose France first, but then our daughter Elizabeth was born and all of a sudden France seemed a little bit too sleepy for a young girl. We imagined semi-retiring in France, but Australia – we came on holiday to Australia when she was 18 months old and she just seemed to take to it much better than the holidays we had had in France.