I moved 15m3 from Montreal QC Canada to Melbourne VIC Australia, it was long due to the worldwide current circumstances (it took 2 months to find a vessel to Australia and it was for Sydney with a stop at Melbourne!). It took 5 months and 11 days in total. But the service was good, the communication was great and easy by email.
I was able to follow the vessel online and see the location. Then when it arrived in Sydney, even a little bit before, I was immediately contacted to prepare the administrative documents and inspection appointments were booked (delays for the inspections, but not a surprise here).
Then the delivery (finally! :-) ) plan was well prepared as I sent pictures (stairs to 2nd-floor – I paid an extra for that), the communication was good again and the team of 3 guys who deliver was super nice, helpful, and efficient.
My personal effects were in good condition, with a few small damages, but nothing serious and it’s hard to get nothing damaged in a protracted process like this one (particularly because during the customs inspection some boxes are opened).
I suspect that one box is missing, not sure because I can recall only 2 small items missing. I contacted my OSS point of contact, and they are checking it. Again, nothing major here and unfortunately some errors of inventory was done at the departure in Montreal. So, this may explain the issue in the end.

Globally very satisfied and happy to have my things here. Yes, it’s long and pricy currently, but it’s a question of personal choice in the end.

This post about moving to Melbourne from Canada was made by Missbobine on June 6 2022