Covid 19

With COVID restrictions and lock downs still in place in multiple states you are no doubt wondering how this will affect the delivery & pack/uplift services being provided by OSS.

Conditions in Melbourne and Brisbane remain unchanged, we are able to operate as before under our essential services exemptions.

We are delighted to advise in Sydney, as of Thursday 16th September 2021 removals work is NO LONGER excluded from the NSW Authorised Worker List, so we will be able to operate fully again as we are able to in Melbourne and Brisbane..

This is due to removal workers from the 12 Sydney LGAs  (Local Government Areas) of concern now being able to leave their LGAs for work as this falls under the exemption for:

  • freight, logistics, postal, courier or delivery services

Removal workers who leave their LGA’S of concern for removals work must comply with Health Orders, that is

  • be an authorised worker and
  • have registered to travel to work outside their local government area and;
  • have complied with the relevant COVID-19 vaccination requirements before they leave the area.

Therefore, in order to comply with Government mandated restrictions, there are some changes as to how we operate and perform your delivery service.

Our normal full standard deliver unpack service and pack/uplift service, will be provided while these restrictions are in place, provided you are able to assist us with adhering to the following requirements:

* The interactions of our crew with clients and time spent at the residence must be kept to a minimum.

* Our crews will be practicing social distancing and avoiding unnecessary physical interaction with you wherever possible. This can include keeping physical contact to a minimum (avoiding handshakes, etc) and requesting you to maintain a social distance of a minimum of 1.5 metres from the crews.

* You MUST wear a face mask at all times that our crews are performing their removal services.

* We also request you to limit the number of people in the residence at the time of uplift or delivery, so only one person is interacting with our crew. All others are requested to remain outside the premises or in other parts of the residence not being entered by our crew, including children.

* Please note that our staff will at all times be wearing face masks, practicing social distancing and hand sanitising whenever possible.

* Please provide your own pen for ticking off on the packing list and signing documentation.

Please also note, in order to comply with COVID protocols when our crews are attending residences, OSS have a number of additional measures in place to address COVID, which include:

* We require all employees and crews to adopt frequent hand-washing and other sanitising measures. We have provided all staff with these means including hand sanitiser in all company vehicles.

* We are performing increased cleaning and disinfecting of all frequently touched surfaces in our offices, warehouses, and trucks.

* We are ensuring crews are equipped with masks and crews personal hand sanitiser as needed.

* Our Crews in Sydney are being COVID tested a minimum of every 7 days.

* We are actively monitoring the daily health status of all employees through temperature checks, completion a of health-related questionnaire and providing sanitiser solutions for all staff.

* Our COVID safety plan requires any employee who shows any cold or flu symptoms to undergo a COVID test, to stay home and self-isolate until a negative COVID test result is received before returning to the workplace.

We do hope this provides you with a clear picture of how OSS is continuing to work at providing a first class service whilst maintaining COVID safety measures to ensure all parties remain safe.

We continue to look forward to being of service and would be happy to answer any questions you might have around the delivery of our services.