We knew moving during a pandemic wouldn’t be easy, but the way our timeline unfolded, we left Texas, August 2021. We had hired a local moving company but unfortunately the bad news never stopped coming in with that company, they were unable to secure a shipping line. Month after month passed, being told they weren’t successful booking a shipping line. We were in Australia without any of our household goods. The stress of not just our household goods but all our sentimental special things stuck on the otherside of the world was so hard. We felt so defeated! Then I had a light bulb moment 1 night, the company I used to move to USA 5.5 years prior “OSS World Wide Movers” did such a great job, I wondered if they could help me.

I started emailing Adam about our situation and he was so helpful, honest and empathetic. Adam was patient while we tried to work out the refund from the previous moving company and while we decided if we were willing to take the plunge and gamble on a new company, after being so scorned by the first.

Through Adam’s great customer service, willingness to work with us on the quote and wealth of information he provided, we felt comfortable booking the move with OSS.

Within a few days of accepting their quote and booking with OSS, Adam had worked with their US partner to have our goods booked in yo be picked up from our original company’s warehouse – even reaching out to the the original company to talk to them on our behalf, taking all the stress out of it. Within a few days of that, the great news that a container for our belongings and a shipping line had been confirmed for just 3 weeks away!

Within 1 month, OSS managed to do what our original booking company couldn’t manage in 9 months! I am so relieved and feel like we are in good hands and can’t wait for our stuff to arrive in August. I have lost hair, sleep and sanity over our situation but I am finally able to sleep easy knowing our household goods will be on their way, all thanks to Adam at OSS and their fabulous contacts.

This post about moving to Australia from the USA was made by Katie C on June 17 2022