OSS helped me successfully and as stress-free as possible moving the contents of my three bedroom home in Auckland New Zealand to Brisbane Australia.

I contacted OSS from Auckland because they had moved me previously. They put me in contact with Transworld in Auckland to get the packing and shipping done at that end. The OSS crew took care of the arrival, delivery and unpacking at the Brisbane end.

Really I think it could not have been made easier. All the staff from the quoting to customer service to packers and unpackers all did a great job.

They were a lovely team of people, polite, respectful and careful with my belongings and everything arrived safe and sound.

They went to the extra effort to try and get my belongings through customers and on my doorstep as quickly as possible.

I would use OSS again and again, they are great at moving, it’s what they do.

From Erica K – as listed on Product Review