In December 2020, in the middle of this pandemic we have decided to relocate from Gold Coast, Australia to New York. We were fortunate to work with OSS World Wide Movers-Brisbane who helped us tremendously during this stressful experience. If you look to relocate overseas, then OSS is the best solution for you! Before finding them, I have spoken with most of other companies in this field between Gold Coast and Brisbane but none of these were serious (not showing up for inspection, enormous quotes etc)
The OSS team goes above and beyond to satisfy your wishes and to clarify any issues that you might have. Initially, one of their specialists assessed all items that needed to be shipped and subsequently a team come to our home and professionally packed everything (personal items, books, glassware, furniture etc). I could have not done a better packaging job than the OSS team! Excellent job from A to Z!
The cost for this service was reasonable and everything (more than 90 boxes, half of a container) reached our new home in NY in very good condition. By the way they collaborate with the best removalist in the US.
Kudos to Ellen, Joanne, Kim, Chris and of course the packaging team! I have never met anybody like this team, although I moved around the world several times.
Best wishes,

This post about moving from The Gold Coast to New York was made by Eugen P on January 29 2022