There are a few challenges to face when relocating overseas. I wholeheartedly believe that one of the driving factors behind people moving overseas is so that they can finally walk down to the shops in their underwear without bumping into a single familiar face.

I’d like to believe this is why people move overseas, as it was 100% my main motivation. Complete transparency though. It turns out even though you might not know anyone, it’s still wildly unacceptable to not wear pants in public. Weird, no?

Regardless, people move overseas all the time with Aussies and Kiwis often trading places with their Trans-Tasman neighbourinos, mainly because the flight is hella short so even if you’re in a time crunch travel-wise, you’re still only spending six-or-so hours in the air return – that’s essentially one Peter Jackson movie.

Whether we make the flight to get more ~cultured~, we go for a love interest or we simply want to see more of the world, everyone adapts to their weird new surroundings eventually but there are a few things that can take some serious getting used to.

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