For quite a few years our belongings had been in storage with OSS.

With months of planning with Chris and with his kind assistance, we were able to unpack our 2 containers on site and sort out our furniture and belongings all in one day.

I was stressed for weeks prior to this at the thought of unpacking 2 x 20 foot containers. But last Friday my daughter and I turned up at 8am, to find both containers were unpacked in an orderly way indoors.

On one side lay our unpacked furniture, whilst a row of boxes with our belongings were placed on the opposite side of our section of the warehouse.

We were fortunate enough to have Matt, Ron and Chris assist us with unpacking each and every box to for us to sort through.

They made it all so easy for us and they were all so relaxed and fun to deal with. Before we knew it, we had completely finished going through each and every box by mid afternoon.

Chris had organized to have the boxes and furniture that we unpacked to be delivered to our home early the next day.

My daughter and I were truly elated and relieved at the ease these gentlemen made our experience.

We shall never forget it and are so very grateful to the team at OSS Brisbane! Special thanks to Chris, Matt and Ron…you guys are simply awesome!! :)

From Chris – as listed on Product Review