Receiving a new job offer is always exciting. But if that job involves a long-distance or moving overseas, this experience can also be a complicated one.

Prospective employees can typically count on employers lending a hand in the moving process. If you’re considering taking up a job that would require you to move to another country, or another state, first inquire about the relocation package.

Here are four specific areas that may be included in the package:

1. Initial reconnaissance trip

To move to another country without first visiting the location is a big risk. Many times, companies will pay for you to take an initial trip to the new location to explore housing options, learn about the local culture, find child care services and consider transportation options.

The costs associated with this trip typically include transportation, such as plane tickets, and lodging, such as a hotel stay, The Balance Careers explained.

Use this trip to identify a suitable home for yourself and your family. Getting this aspect squared away as soon as possible will make your move much easier.

Take time during this trip to explore your new country and learn more about the culture. If you aren’t familiar with the local language, make a point to practice your vocabulary and communication skills during the trip.

2. Packing and shipping your belongings

Getting your belongings to your new abode is rarely simple, and when moving overseas, it can get complex quickly. Certain countries will have unique customs rules about specific items. Arranging for items to be shipped and delivered to your new home takes a lot of planning. Further, simply just packing your belongings securely can be challenging.

Companies may hire moving professionals that know the ins and outs of all these nuanced processes. Moving companies often have networks of connections that allow them to easily arrange for your items to arrive at your destination so you can focus on the move.

3. Getting your documents in order

Moving overseas typically implies paperwork – you’ll likely need a work visa in addition to legal and tax documents, residence permits and more.

The way you handle your finances may also change during this relocation. You may need a new bank, or to make arrangements with your current financial institution to ensure you have access to your funds after you move. You’ll also want to figure out whether you’ll need new health insurance, and if it will be available through your employer or another system. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, having medical care may be more important than ever. Your new company may help with taking care of all of these tasks.

Before you accept an international job offer, ensure that your relocation package includes these important steps. This area is something that you’ll want to get right, and professional assistance is generally the best way to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

4. Assistance for your family

If you’re moving with a partner or children, there will be other important considerations you must make. Your new employer may help you find a school or child care for the kids, including assistance with enrollment.

If your partner will need to find a job, they may be able to direct them to helpful resources.

In some cases, cultural or language training for yourself and your family might also be included in a relocation package. If you’re moving to a country with notably different cultural norms, it may be wise to ask about these types of services.

If you’re moving internationally for work, first consider the relocation package. OSS Worldwide Movers can help with many of these areas, including delivering belongings to your new home. Contact us to learn more.