Shipments to the state of Tasmania

Sea freight shipments of HHGPE into the island state of Tasmania and is located south of Melbourne, separated by 300 miles/500 kms of ocean (Bass Strait).  Shipments to Tasmania arrive through one of 3 ports on that island being Bell Bay (MSC), Burnie (PIL/ANL/CMA:CGM/Maersk) or Devonport (OOCL/Hamburg Sud/Hapag Lloyd).

The MSC service into Bell Bay is a direct service, the other services are trans-shipments from Melbourne by the carriers in question using local coastal carriers for the on-carriage from Melbourne to Tasmania (Toll Shipping for Burnie and Sea Road Shipping for Devonport).  Maersk also recently introduced a direct service to Bell Bay similar to the MSC Service but it will be discontinued from mid-July 2018 so they will revert back to the on-forwarded service from Melbourne to Burnie referred to above.

There are very limited facilities at these 3 Tasmanian Ports for the processing of Household Goods and Personal Effects clearances and inspections particularly for Quarantine.

Therefore the only way we can handle sea freight shipments into Tasmania is if you arrange with your carrier for a Through Bill of Lading from whichever of the 3 ports your carrier is using to place of delivery at the inland city of Launceston, where we are able to arrange the clearance and handling in an appropriate and controlled environment.

Once cleared the shipments would then be delivered from Launceston through to the final residence wherever it is in Tasmania.

It is possible your carrier if they are lazy will say there is no Through Bill/On-Carriage Facility from either of the 3 Tasmanian ports to Launceston, this is incorrect and you should press them for a Through Bill to Launceston (on-carriage cost from Tasmanian port to Launceston is approximately $400 – $500 per 20ft).  If the carrier still says it is not possible revert to us with contact details of the person you are dealing with and we will arrange for the carriers representative at our end to make contact back to them.

Our quotation for DA services is based on receiving the shipments on a Through Bill of Lading to Launceston.

The same procedure applies for LCL shipments, please arrange for them to be shipped through to Launceston, irrespective of the final destination in Tasmania.

Airfreight shipments the opposite is the case, we need you to direct all Tasmanian airfreight to AOE Hobart, where the airfreight can be cleared then delivered to residence wherever it is in Tasmania.

We are unable to handle sea or air shipments coming to Tasmania other than on the above basis, as the procedures required for handling and clearance of Household Goods shipments are not able to be satisfactorily performed (from a handling security and service point of view) other than on this basis.