Stair Carry

$10 per cbm per flight/floor (no more than 10 steps per floor) after 1st flight/floor (minimum $40).

This rate does not include any long carry to/from our vehicle to/from the access point for the stairs.  Floor count based on actual floors/flights including basement, mezzanine etc. which count as floors.  

Elevator Surcharge

Elevator surcharge $10 per cbm (minimum $60).  Surcharge covers movement of goods via dedicated elevator with delivery vehicle able to without cost legally and safely park adjacent to elevator entrance, but does not cover any long carry or shuttle/ferry costs to/from our vehicle’s access point to/from the elevator, or if a dedicated lift is not available in which case additional charges will apply.

Long Carry Surcharge

Long carry surcharge rate is $7 per cbm for each 25 metres/75 feet (minimum $50) in excess of 25 metres/75 feet from where large OSS truck is able to park (without cost legally and safely) from the access point into or from the delivery or uplift location, or from the access point into or from the elevator access point of the delivery or uplift location.

Shuttle/Ferry Surcharge

Covers movement from/to (legally and safely without cost) parked large OSS truck to / from access point at delivery or uplift location, via small utility type vehicle able to move through narrow driveways, underground car parks and the like.  Shuttle/ferry cost $20 per cbm (minimum $300), 20’ FCL 20-30 cbm $500 and 40’ FCL 50-70 cbm $900


Allow additional to DA rate for: 

Upright Piano $275

Grand Piano $575

Subject to direct and reasonable access to/from OSS truck to/from delivery/uplift location, no steps.  Additional cost per step allow a further $5 per step for upright pianos and Grand/Baby Grand pianos.


Our service if required at a rate of $88 per hour (minimum 4 hours) covers straightforward setting up and assembly of standard simple furniture like beds, dining table etc but not assembly or re erection of furniture items such as wall units, modular furniture, kitchens, long cabinets and IKEA style furniture requiring specialist tradesmen and tools.

In case our crew cannot easily and quickly assemble any of the simple items referred to our rate for third party handyman service for reassembly of furniture, hanging pictures and the like is $88 per hour based on minimum 4 hours, this covers within 30 mile radius, additional costs/travel time may be involved for out of town locations.

Often the handyman may not be able to attend the same day as delivery, if handyman services were not envisaged prior to delivery.


Electrician services if required are available at a rate of $95 per hour minimum 4 hours, this covers within 30 mile radius, additional costs/travel time may be involved for out of town locations.

Maid Valet

Our standard service allows for contents of cartons to be unpacked to flat surfaces such as tables, benches etc., (but not to the floor).  Effects are not placed in cupboards.

Maid/Valet Service is available to unpack and put items into cupboards, hang clothes in closets, etc., at a cost of $530 per lady per 8 hour day (you nominate but work on 1 lady, 8 hours, 35 standard cartons).  Hourly rate $88 per hour minimum 4 hours, daily rate as above.