Timber Furniture/Cane/Bamboo

All timber furniture will come under the scrutiny of Quarantine. If there is evidence of live insect or borer infestation, it will be ordered for fumigation.  There is no advantage in having the furniture fumigated at origin since there may still be live insect infestation present and the client may finish up paying twice for the treatment.  Quarantine still inspect even if a fumigation certificate is provided.

Cane, straw, rattan and bamboo items are usually OK if they have been treated and purchased from retail outlets (and not the side of the road or at a village market).  If they are raw items they will be ordered for treatment most likely gamma irradiation which is expensive around $500 minimum.

Any furniture items made out of tree trunks or the like which have bark on them, the bark with either have to be removed prior to shipping or the item will be ordered for expensive gamma irradiation in Australia.

If you are in any doubt regarding items of this type please forward us full details including where and when acquired and photographs so we may refer them to Quarantine to determine the likely approach by Quarantine on their arrival.  Normal household manufactured furniture is usually OK, Quarantine will inspect some of it and provided it is free of borers there should not be a problem.

 Timber Packing Crates (ISPM15)

All timber crates must be heat treated and ISPM compliant (ie stamped).  If timber crates are shipped without complying to this standard, they will be ordered for destruction and a fee will apply.