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The Challenges You’ll 100% Face If You Leave The Nest & Start Fresh Overseas

I wholeheartedly believe that one of the driving factors behind people moving overseas is so that they can finally walk down to the shops in their underwear without bumping into a single familiar face. I’d like to believe this is why people move overseas, as it was 100% my main motivation. Complete transparency though, it turns out that even though you might not exactly know anyone, it’s still wildly [...]

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The best countries to live and work in – and to boost your salary

Moving overseas boosts the average worker's income by $US21,000, with the best-paid staff found in Switzerland, the US and Hong Kong. That's the conclusion in a survey showing that 45 per cent of expats said their existing job paid more internationally and 28 per cent changed locations for a promotion. In Switzerland, famous for both sky-high mountains and prices, the annual income boost totalled $US 61,000. Expat salaries there [...]

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How common etiquette in Australia differs from overseas

According to director of the Australian School of Etiquette, Zarife Hardy, Australians tend to have less of a fascination with etiquette than many overseas. “Australians have a very relaxed and casual approach to common etiquette. After all, etiquette is all about how you make someone feel in your presence, whether that be formal or informal. Some areas of etiquette are slipping but this seems to be happening globally, mainly due to [...]

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How To Move To Australia As A Travel Nurse

“As nurses, we’ve worked so hard and have paid so much to get our degrees. Why not utilise them to their maximum worth? Take advantage of this versatile license and go to Australia, go to Saudi Arabia, go to Dubai. America is a wonderful country, but there’s a huge world out there.” These are the words of Karel Wiggins, an international travel nurse who after caring for patients all [...]

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Residents are abandoning Australia at record levels according to new ABS figures

Residents are abandoning Australia at record levels, according to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Almost 85,000 people formally departed Australia in the final three months of 2017 — almost 9,000 more than in the same period in 2016. But experts are unsure about exactly what is causing the increase. The ABS measures a resident as someone who has been in Australia for 12 out of [...]

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Here’s why you want to leave Sydney !

A pretentious, stressful trap: Here's why you want to leave Sydney (and why you'll be back) Sydney is famous for many things: pristine beaches, the glittering harbour and landmarks like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. But since being crowned Australia's most unaffordable place to live, rumour has it that everyone living in the Emerald City has an escape plan. So we asked our ABC audience if they're going [...]

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Congratulations Colleen on your 10 years with OSS World Wide Movers

Thanks for being such a valuable team member and always bringing such a positive vibe to our workplace. All of us at OSS World Wide Movers wish you a fantastic day 😁❤️ ⭐ 🍰 🚚 #OSSWORLDWIDEMOVERS If you would like to speak with an OSS consultant about your next overseas move please contact us for more information

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