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Decided to make the move from Sydney to Auckland? Moving home ‘Across the Ditch’ is a thrilling adventure, and OSS World Wide Movers is here to assist with your move. Moving from Sydney to Auckland is commonly enticed by a change in lifestyle, often caused by a recent retirement, change in jobs or moving closer to family and friends.

Moving from Sydney to Auckland OSS World Wide Movers

Auckland is New Zealand’s most populous city and is a multi-cultural hub of food, music, arts and culture. The city’s traditional Maori name, Tāmaki Makaurau, translates to ‘desired by many’, captivating the abundant natural beauty and strategic vantage points of the North Island’s main city. Breathtaking scenery sprawls over volcanic hills and around twin harbours, presenting a mix of natural wonders and urban adventures, making the move from Sydney to Auckland even more enticing.

Moving from Sydney to Auckland is often prompted by the natural environment that Auckland has to offer. New Zealand’s North Island city is unique in that it is surrounded by two coasts with calm, white sandy Pacific Ocean beaches on the east coast, and contrasting wild, black sand on the west coast which meets the Tasman Sea. The surrounding hills are characterised by their natural rainforests, reserves, botanic gardens and dormant volcanoes with endless tracks for hikers and those looking to escape the main city area.

OSS World Wide Movers has been moving households overseas for more than 50 years, with the shorter international move from Sydney to Auckland becoming increasingly attractive as the city’s natural and cultural traits become progressively more popular.

With extensive moving reviews and excellent customer feedback, we are one of Australia’s most trusted international moving and relocation companies so your family and household can rest assured that your move from Sydney to Auckland will be hassle-free and with minimum stress.

OSS has written an extensive guide to help you understand how we will facilitate moving your household items from Sydney to New Zealand, with information regarding the most important matters to think about when starting your home relocation. Here are the top 9 topics to take into consideration when making the move to your new home from Sydney to Auckland:

1. Can I pack my own goods when moving from Sydney to Auckland?

If you’re thinking about packing your own goods in the moving process, these “owner packed items” will attract more stringent inspection by Customs and MAF Biosecurity on arrival. One way to reduce this delay is by providing a detailed carton by carton inventory to assist Customs and Biosecurity in inspecting your effects. However, we suggest that you have all your goods packed by our movers if you are looking to send a larger consignment to ensure that the clearance process can be conducted with a minimum of fuss.

2. Can I move from Sydney to Auckland with pets?

Moving from Sydney to Auckland OSS World Wide Movers 2

Moving with pets from Sydney to Auckland can be completed fairly easily, we will help to make sure that your furry friend will also be able to call Auckland home as well. OSS World Wide Movers works with specialist “OSS approved” pet transport agents so that they are able to contact all the relevant agencies once arriving in New Zealand.

More information about moving pets from Sydney to Auckland can be found on our moving pets overseas page.

3. How do I move my car from Sydney to Auckland?

You will be able to move your car to Auckland, provided that the strict guidelines set by the New Zealand government are complied with. Our service for transporting your vehicle includes a delivery service from the OSS depot to our New Zealand partner’s depots, with a main depot located in Auckland.

If you require delivery to another one of our depot locations, please let us know and we can arrange this. Delivery direct to your residence can also be arranged for an additional fee.

The vehicle importing phase includes a lengthy paperwork process, however, here at OSS World Wide Movers we have summarised this process within our Guide to moving to New Zealand, with the appropriate links and paperwork included.

4. How long will my move from Sydney to Auckland take?

When moving by sea freight, it will typically take 2 – 3 weeks. Clearance of your move into New Zealand will take approximately 5 to 7 working days for a Full Container Load (FCL), and 7 to 10 working days for a Groupage (GRP) or shared container load, once the shipping container has been unloaded from the vessel.

To understand more about the different Sea Freight shipping options when moving from Sydney to Auckland, refer to our Sea Freight shipping information page.

5. What insurance should I have when moving from Sydney to Auckland?

OSS offers a full range of moving insurance options depending on your individual needs.

Although your shipment to Auckland will be packed to export standards (designed to withstand the journey), the small cost of insurance gives you complete peace of mind with regard to the exposure and rigours that are always inherent when moving from one country to another.

Learn more about our MoveCover and Marine Transit Insurance product here.

6. Electrical Goods and Compliance when moving from Sydney to Auckland

New Zealand appliances are manufactured to operate on 220-240 Volt AC supply, which is the same as in Australia. You should not expect any compatibility issues with appliances purchased and used in Australia. For New Zealand, the associated plug type is I, which is the plug that has three flat pins in a triangular pattern.


7. Restricted and prohibited items when moving from Sydney to Auckland

When looking to move from Sydney to Auckland you will need to consider the extensive list of restricted and prohibited items. The following is a sample of the restricted list you can see via this PDF: Moving to New Zealand – FIDI Guide

  • Objectionable material contained on items like videotapes, films, records, CD-ROMs and in publications
  • Weapons like flick knives, butterfly knives, swordsticks, knuckle-dusters and any weapon which is disguised as something else
  • Equipment for using cannabis or methamphetamine
  • Anything which you are planning to use in a crime

8. Tax implications when moving from Sydney to Auckland

Tax rates are calculated based upon on your total income for the tax year, with your income including salary, wages or earnings from self-employment, work and income benefits, scheduled payments and income from interest, or renting out property. Some types of income are taxed before you are paid, with the amount of tax deducted based on the tax code and income information you have provided. Other categories of income are not taxed before you get paid, with tax deducted from this income at the end of the year, the amount depending on your total income for the tax year. To further understand the differences in tax implications between Sydney to Auckland, refer to the IRD government website for more information. 

9. Information and Immigration when moving from Sydney to Auckland

Moving from Sydney to Auckland OSS World Wide Movers 6Because of the close historical relationship between Australia and New Zealand, trans-Tasman immigration is easier than you may expect. If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you won’t need to get a visa in advance. The Australian Resident Visa is available to apply for upon your arrival in Auckland, New Zealand. All you need to do is be able to prove that you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident and are of ‘good character’. This means that you don’t have a criminal conviction, haven’t been deported from another country and aren’t an official security risk to New Zealand.

To understand how to acquire a New Zealand passport refer to the New Zealand Passport page, for immigration information refer to the New Zealand Immigration page and for New Zealand citizenship information refer to the New Zealand citizenship page.

Here at OSS World Wide Movers, we are experts in moving personal effects overseas, including specialist international packing and a range of cost-effective insurance products to give you peace of mind during the entire relocation process.

At OSS, we are here to help make the transition of your move from Sydney to Auckland as smooth as possible. Click here to enquire today and begin your move from Sydney to Auckland!