Fine Art

When transporting a fine art collection overseas, it’s important to make sure you choose a moving service that has the knowledge and experience required to ensure your pieces remain safe and secure during transit. Fortunately, OSS World Wide Movers has long been recognised for its commitment to providing customers with first rate services when it comes to transferring their artwork abroad.

OSS have the expertise in packaging and handling fragile fine art pieces (e.g. statues, sculptures) with great care. Additionally, OSS ensure that all artefacts are adequately covered against damage or loss along the way.

OSS World Wide Movers can provide you with state-of-the-art security storage solutions specifically designed for artwork and antiques. Thus minimising the risk of damage caused by other freight inside your container during transit.

OSS ensure that all documentation is accurate regarding customs clearance. Making sure all paperwork remains up-to-date and accepted by local laws throughout border crossings. This prevents delays further down line and easing pressure on customers financially. OSS also inform you about arrival times so you know exactly when your goods are due for delivery. Giving you peace-of-mind knowing when your precious items will arrive at their final destination safely and securely.

So with these tips considered, customers can feel confident knowing they’re receiving quality services when transporting their fine art collections abroad with OSS World Wide Movers – ensuring not only that goods remain safe but also there are no hidden fees or admin charges appearing later on down the line either!