The Average Cost of Moving Internationally

Want to make sure you’re budgeting the right amount for an international move? OSS World Wide Movers are here to support your move and help you prepare.

Growing up in the same country helps you establish yourself with connections, interests and lessons that will carry you throughout your life. At some point, however, you may grow interested in living in a completely different environment overseas. While making such a move is an exciting stepping stone in the path of your life, it takes time and budgeting to do so properly. 

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This blog highlights items you’ll need to consider when building your budget and preparing for your move overseas.

Packing and shipping

While some can travel with just the clothes on their backs, most travellers prefer to bring a few household goods to their new homes. If you are packing up a few — or all — of your belongings, you’ll need to consider how you will be travelling (flying, train, car, etc.), the volume and weight of your luggage, how far you’re going and the time of year.

Transporting household goods overseas can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000 depending on the decisions you make on what you take and how you move your goods.

Removals insurance

Protecting the belongings you’re bringing with you is essential to a smooth transition. Ocean freight has become safer with tracking information and modern tech but accidents can happen and you want to be prepared. There are always inherent risks with moving and your insurance covers you for when things don’t go as planned. The OSS MoveCover Insurance Package, for example, ensures you are duly compensated for any unforeseen loss or damage that may occur.

Moving insurance is based on the value of the items and can cost between $100 to $1,000+ depending on your choices. 

Getting housing

Unless you’re moving in with a friend or family member, you’ll need to decide on where you will live when you get to your new international location. The cost of living varies greatly depending on your location but Australia, U.K. and U.S. housing prices are fairly similar. 

A house could cost an average of $404,633 in the U.K., $556,189 in NZ, $802,616 in Canada and $400,860 in the U.S. 

Through our Home Search Services, OSS World Wide Movers helps conduct in-depth housing market research, provide inspection appointments and itineraries and contact a trusted agent to provide assistance with property applications and terms.

Paying customs duty / Quarantine

Most countries have duty free entry for household and personal effects. If you are moving to the U.K., for example, you will have to pay duty on your goods, yet you may qualify for relief of this payment. One relief option includes an event like travelling back to the U.K. within a year of leaving. 

You will also likely need to pay duty on your car in most countries.

Some countries, like New Zealand and Australia, have strict quarantine arrangements which may incur additional inspection and treatment costs. Speaking with an expert in the country you’re moving to can help you determine how much — if at all — you will pay in customs duty.

On average, though, you’ll only pay 2.59% in most countries.

Average Costs for Moving Internationally OSS World Wide Movers

Getting a visa

Applying for a visa is an essential part of moving to a new country and can also be the most time-intensive part of relocating a household overseas. There are varying time limits and expectations for getting a visa depending on where you choose to move. 

The cost varies based on location, length of stay and visa type. Moving between EU countries is always free, but otherwise, a visa could cost you between $850 and $2,300.

For more travel information or to get started, learn more on our International Moving Guide page or click here to get a quote for your International Move today.