Common Etiquette

Etiquette is an integral part of cultures around the world, and when you travel to a different country. Understanding these cultural norms can be invaluable. When it comes to Australia, common etiquette differs from other countries in several aspects – so here’s a simple guide to help you out!

Common etiquette varies between Australia and many other countries is the way greetings are made. Australians are generally much more casual in their approach. They often opt for a simple ‘hello’ or ‘g’day’ rather than the handshakes and bows typically seen elsewhere. And when it comes to introducing people, first names are used almost exclusively – regardless of age or relationship.

In addition to that, public manners vary significantly too. In Australia, people tend to observe the littering rules and place all rubbish into the many bins provided around the cities. While queues should always be respected regardless of how busy it is. And punctuality should always be taken seriously here too. Being late for any appointment – even by just a few minutes – could make you seem unreliable or careless in the eyes of your hosts.

Moreover, Australians tend to be somewhat laid-back yet highly appreciative when taking part in conversations. Smiling and nodding along with body language like hand gestures and nodding their heads will usually suffice with them. Also note that discussion topics such as money matters, religion and politics are generally considered rude. Best avoided until you get to know someone better!

How common etiquette in Australia differs from overseas

According to director of the Australian School of Etiquette, Zarife Hardy, Australians tend to have less of a fascination with etiquette than many overseas. “Australians have a very relaxed and casual approach to common etiquette. After all, etiquette is all about how you make someone feel in your presence, whether that be formal or informal. Some [...]