OSS World Wide Movers is pleased to announce we have won Product Review’s ‘Furniture Removalist’ Award for 2022. This recognition highlights our dedication to providing quality and reliable furniture removal services for customers looking to move a large number of items overseas.

OSS is committed to making sure every customer receives a cost-effective solution that meets their specific needs and budget. Awards, such as The Furniture Removalist award, was based on a comprehensive review process. Factors such as service reviews, price comparisons, delivery times, insurance policies, return policies and more are analysed. After extensive research and analysis, the team at Product Review determined that we offered the best value!

What makes OSS World Wide Mover’s stand out in particular is our experienced teams. They pay special attention to ensure all items are safely handled during transit. Furthermore, they provide customers with flexible schedules so adjustments can be made should any unexpected issues arise. Finally, we also offers highly competitive prices. We allow customers peace-of-mind without worrying about incurring additional costs further down the line.

In summary, winning Product Review’s ‘Furniture Removalist’ Award for 2022 showcases OSS World Wide Mover’s commitment towards providing superior furniture removal solutions for those transferring items overseas. Offering customers an economical option with experienced teams paying special attention throughout the process.

FIDI awards ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ Certificate

For demonstrating a consistently high level of quality, OSS World Wide Movers have been awarded the 'Confirmation of Quality Assurance certificate' for our performance related to the FAIM Internal Audit requirements.