FIDI Awards

OSS World Wide Movers is proud to have been awarded the prestigious ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ certificate from FIDI. An accolade which has long been recognised in the industry as a symbol of excellence. This award is a testament to our on-going commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of service. This serves as a symbol of our dedication to upholding the standards set by the FIDI network.

Having received this certification, customers can take confidence knowing that each step of their international relocation will be handled with care. From initial welcome meetings through to how goods are securely packed during transit. We also adhere strictly to all contractual obligations set out by local laws. We make sure all communication between ourselves and suppliers abroad is current with accurate documentation throughout the entire process.

Moreover, as part of our FAIM Internal Audit requirements we are adamant about working only with reputable partners when transferring items overseas. Ensuring not only that customers get great value for money on all services provided.

In addition, customers can feel secure knowing that we carry out regular tests throughout each journey. (From arrival times at new destinations right through to detailed inventories upon delivery.) Our expert team has experience dealing with customs clearance in multiple countries around the world. Ensuring any issues arising along the way are efficiently resolved without impacting negatively on customer timelines and financial considerations.

Overall, having received our FIDI ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ certificate shows that OSS World Wide Movers continues to meet its strict quality assurance policy requirements – providing customers International removals services which they can trust regardless where they’re headed or how complex their needs may be.

FIDI awards ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ Certificate

For demonstrating a consistently high level of quality, OSS World Wide Movers have been awarded the 'Confirmation of Quality Assurance certificate' for our performance related to the FAIM Internal Audit requirements.