OSS World Wide Movers is pleased to announce that we recently been awarded the FIDI awards ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ Certificate. This prestigious award recognises OSS’ commitment to providing exceptional customer service and its dedication to quality assurance in each move.

The FIDI awards ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ Certificate is a testament to OSS World Wide Movers’ dedication. We provide an international moving experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations as well as industry standards. Our award validates our commitment to service excellence and quality assurance. This means customers can have peace of mind when trusting us with their relocation needs.

OSS World Wide Movers is a worldwide leader in moving and relocation services. We offer solutions for residential and commercial clients across the globe. With 50+ years of experience in the industry, our team of experts provides quality service with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide customers with the best possible outcome from their move, OSS World Wide Movers has invested extensively in developing employee education and training programs as well as implementing the latest technology for improved tracking and support systems. All these measures are aimed at ensuring consistently high standards throughout all aspects of our services. From packing and loading up goods to delivery at destination points – regardless of location or local customs requirements.

This recent distinction affirms OSS’ reputation for being one of the most dependable and trustworthy movers in the world. We deliver an unparalleled level of care, quality and expertise irrespective of distance, culture or complexity. As a proud winner of this FIDI certificate – we look forward to continuing providing a superior relocation experience to all customers in the years ahead!

FIDI awards ‘Confirmation of Quality Assurance’ Certificate

For demonstrating a consistently high level of quality, OSS World Wide Movers have been awarded the 'Confirmation of Quality Assurance certificate' for our performance related to the FAIM Internal Audit requirements.